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of oh!

i write

Look, I’ll write about anything and this blog is proof. Being human is not as easy as it looks and my brain takes great pride in making life difficult to navigate, but with a skewed sense of humor.

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i suck

Well, I make suckers. Y’all do the actual sucking. I just create weird flavors like Whipped Cream, Vietnamese Coffee, & Faygo Red Pop. Sign up for my Sweets Subscription to taste for yourself!

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i work

Stories matter. That’s what’s important to me in my work. Through package design, newsletter curation, event planning and more, I take the best of what already exists and make it shine.

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Stories matter.

I watch soap operas. (if you count reality television.)

I bake brownies. (i bake pretty much anything if we’re being honest.)

Normalcy is coursing through my veins. (if by normal, you mean neurodivergent AF.)

I also have a penchant for making movie references that only .005% of humans will get.

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the internet is about as social as I get

Follow me on facebook for blog updates, instagram for ceramics, stained glass, and food pics, and tiktok for general adventure.

Oh and twitch and youtube, if you are an avid tv watcher.

I refuse to edit myself on any of these platforms.

Or here for that matter. So keep that in mind when reading my words. kthx.

I also make art.