“A lifelong writer and 6+ year veteran of the adult retail industry, Jacki is a cupcake-baking, lollipop-making, socially awkward social media geek who brands, books bands and ‘P-Valley‘ stans. 
Bonus: she’s on ALL the spectrums.”

Ok, in all honesty, that’s what someone really cool wrote about me. Actual me? I’m much better suited to making other folks shine… and that’s where you come in! 

How can I make you sparkle?

Do you need help maintaining a weekly blog or newsletter? I gotchoo, boo. 

What about logo design? My imagination is massive and my approach to logo design ensures that you won’t end up with something cookie-cutter. 

Need some clever, catchy product descriptions that are rich in both SEO and personality? This is a winning combo that can help you reach the sales goals of your dreams and, yup, I can do that! *curtsies*

I also love event planning, social media, graphic design, and literally anything that can help you to shine. I pride myself on figuring out problems that others might struggle with, to often-dazzling results. 

Ugh, ending things is so awkward, and I’d tell my clients to end with a call to action, so why not contact me and see how we can get started?

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