All Of the Showings, All At Once

Good morning. It’s 8:45am and we have a full plate of 8 viewings already scheduled for today. Whee!

We had a burst of showings last night, too. Like they added 4 or 5 right at 4pm that went on through 6:30pm that evening. 

Mickey came home from work. Well, I say home, but I really mean our next door neighbor’s porch. 

And my brain was NOT up for making decisions on how to move forward, so I just sat there like a lump when he asked “what should we do?” 

After a few moments of sweating and silence and wondering why no one knows how to close doors once they’ve opened them, Mickey asks:

“Wanna go to the movies?”

I didn’t even say yes, I don’t think. I just squeaked out, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” and started looking up showtimes. 

So we went to a dead mall and saw a movie for the first time in over two years. 


Ok, the air is thicc af today and I am not here for it. Yoof, I will not miss this. 

So, I dragged Mickey to The Daniels’ first movie on opening day in the fancy Winter Park theaters. 

When we walked out of “Swiss Army Man” I felt so creatively inspired. They did this ridiculous thing about a farting corpse with an erection and it just so happened to be a beautifully sad story about mental health and being human. 

Yeah, yeah, some people couldn’t get past the dead Harry Potter of it all, but it was my movie of the year in 2016. I still watch it multiple times a year. It’s become a real source of comfort for me. 

After we saw “Swiss Army Man” for the first time, we walked around Adjectives in Winter Park Village, but I didn’t see a single item in the store. My brain was ate up with this movie. It was so unlike anything I’d seen before. They (as far as my knowledge goes) didn’t compromise their vision for anyone. 

And the actors were literal perfection.  I will watch Paul Dano in literally anything.

My memory is weird and spotty, but I remember telling Mickey (multiple multiple times) that these filmmakers were something to keep our eyes on in the future, because the next thing they make is gonna be an unexpected hit. 

At least once a week since it was released in the theaters, I google, ‘”Everything Everywhere All At Once” + Streaming Release Date’, but nada. 

So what I’m saying is, I really wanted to see this movie and have just been waiting for an opportunity like yesterday. 

p.s. the 9:30 people were prompt AF and I really respect that. They also did not extend past their appointment time which means I get to go hang out in the AC for a bit! woot!


Oh shit, I forgot to tell y’all in all the excitement about this movie – when we got out of it last night we had a message from our realtor with a FOR REAL offer on the house. 

And then right before the 10:30 showing, we talked to the realtor again and we’re gonna accept it! Yeeeeee! Hopefully this will be my final day of porch life. 

This is honestly the most outside non-pool, non-theme park, non-Fringe, non-BABBF time I’ve spent since living in Orlando, I think. 

And yeah, I’m done with the sweat rivulets, for sure. 

Okay so this movie. I did my damnedest to stay away from spoilers. I read as few articles as I could about it and tried to avoid most lengthy posts by my film lovin’ friends, especially those with similar tastes to mine. 

Also, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” was the first movie I ever owned on DVD (well, and Gladiator, but I did not buy that one for myself) so to say that I have a long-standing love of Michelle Yeoh is a major understatement. 

I’ve been trying to watching movies more blindly lately, and I gotta say I’ve really enjoyed it. If it’s something I truly care about (like this and “Zola”), I’ll watch a Trailer to get hype but then avoid everything else. 

See? I found myself in this weird brainspace with movies and TV if I do too much reading beforehand. It’s like my brain forgets to enjoy and appreciate them and only wants to pick them apart or figure them out. 

I missed out on a lot of fun that way.

But part of that 100% was being embarrassed and ashamed of rewatching movies and shows as much as I do. Because I had been shamed for that for as long as I remember being alive, by a very large swath of people who were supposed to “love” me. 

Eh, I know better than to put any stock in words said by people like that nowadays, so I rewatch shit all the time. I’ve probably seen ‘The Gang Turns Black’ episode of “Always Sunny” at least 100 times. 

And sung along with the supercut of just the songs thousands of times. Charlie Day is a goddamned musical genius. 

So now we’ve established that I’m happy to rewatch movies and shows over and over, so my brain gets a rest for the first viewing. 

It just accepts the pictures and sounds and doesn’t try to pick them apart. There is, however, a low key scroll of audio in my head making mental notes of things to pay attention to closer in the future, but that’s easy to ignore in the moment. 

There are so many audio streams happening in my head at one time, it’s like tuning in an old AM radio. You never know what you’re gonna hear. 

The 10:30 folks haven’t arrived yet, but since Mickey just texted me that he officially accepted an offer, I am not too terribly concerned about it. 

First I need to talk about the previews. 

There were TOO MANY. 

There were TWO PREVIEWS FOR THE SAME MOVIE. What in the ever-loving fuck is that about y’all. It has guaranteed that I will not spend one hot or cold cent to see the newest Jurassic Park. Call me a clever girl.

However, there was also a preview for “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” which I have been waiting for what seems my entire life. I love me some Jenny Slate. And the preview gave me allergies!! I can’t even think of the last time that happened. 

I have forgotten every other preview. They made that little impact on me. 

Oh wait, no, there was also the preview for Baz’s “Elvis” movie and that was just not what I wanted out of it. I got hype earlier this week because I saw Jack White was on the soundtrack, but then the preview just felt like more of a mood than a movie. 

Then, “Everything Everywhere All At Once” started and I am so glad I got to see it in the theater. So glad. It’s a visual masterpiece on every single level. 

I hope against all hope it gets the awards recognition it deserves. But then, “Zola” got completely shut out last year, so I am not hopeful. 

Much like “Zola”, I thought the costuming was incredible in EEAAO. Modern costuming doesn’t normally get recognized as much as historical costuming, but this film should not be overlooked. I mean, when Mickey walks out a movie saying, “That must have been a costumer’s dream to work on!”, you know it’s good. 

And the makeup and hairstyling too! Ugh, I can’t wait to freeze frame all over this movie when I have access to it at home. 

I know this is disjointed as fuck, but welcome to my brain, y’all. 

What I was not expecting out of this movie? Emotions. BIG EMOTIONS about BIG THINGS. 

It’s honestly hard to talk about it without spoiling anything, because I think all details have their own kind of magic. 

So I will just say this about it. 

Go see it. Go experience it with an open mind. Come visit me at the Professor House when we’re living there and let’s watch it together. 

Y’all know I’m gonna be hosting Film Viewing events in our lil Venue. At least once a month. 

And if you’re a good enough friend, you know you qualify for the very personalized one-on-one pause and talk moving viewing experience. (I also do this with select television shows, starting with P-Valley, of course).

10:30 never showed, but it is nice out so I’m hanging out until 11:15am has passed. 

The realtor says we can keep showing until we go “Pending” in the MLS, so I’m here until whenever that happens. 

I got unnervous about it today and posted about beReal on my Facebook page today in hopes of getting more friends. I have 5 now, so I am very happy about it. You can download the app “BeReal” on the Android or Apple Stores. Then please friend me: JackiOh

I often get songs stuck in my head and I’ve had this song stuck in there for like 3 days now. 

It goes like this:

“Nobody move, there’s blood on the floor. And I… can’t… find… my heart!”

I honestly don’t know why I even typed that. 

I am still thinking about “Everything Everywhere All At Once” but if you haven’t seen it, please skip to the 11:15 entry because I do want to say two spoiler-y things about it. 

I’ll keep them vague though, in case your eyes linger too long as you scroll. 

1. Who knew a pair of silent rocks could make me cry?

2. This ending of this movie really made me happy in a satisfying way. In a way that made me glad that I’m making the choices I have been lately. To focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative. To give people what they need and want. To give myself what I need and want. To speak up about what I need and want. To listen to other people when they tell me what they need and want. And to just move forward with good intentions and no jealously and no competition and all of these dumb things that I thought were serving me that absolutely were not.

I guess I should also mention how incredible the acting was and how nice it was to see Key Huy Quan back in a movie after 20+ years. The fact that he fought with a fanny pack at one point brought me endless delight. 

The daughter was an amazing talent and one I’ll be watching glow all the way up soon. Although, I dunno if she’ll find a role better than this one. Even though she is also really fabulous on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”.

Ok, no more talking about this movie


The 11:15s are right on time, y’all, heck yeah. 

Instead I will spend some time telling y’all about two television shows I’ve fallen in love with recently. 

One is on HBOMax and it’s called “The Other Two”

OK, wait, what I heard was not the 11:15 people, but two randos just walking by with jangly keys. Get that ring under control! So loud. They sounded just like someone taking the keys out of our lock box. 

Y’ALL. Just got a message from the Realtor that we cancelled all appointments for the rest of time. 


I am about to slather on too much sunscreen and spend some time in the gotdang pool. I was so afraid that it would taunt me the entire rest of the time I was here. 

12:00 – cancelled

12:45 – cancelled

2:00 – cancelled

3:00 – cancelled

5:30 cancelled

And you know what? I’m not gonna listen to “The Leftovers” soundtrack today. I think it’s time for something new (aka my obsession with Everything Everywhere All At Once is all consuming). 



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