An Update on The Professor House

Next week at this time, barring any issues, the Professor House will be ours.

We visited it three times Monday. And one time on Tuesday.

Hey, we were in the neighborhood – why wouldn’t we drive by?

The first time we went it was around lunch time and the light was lovely, so I took some detail pics of the grounds and today I will share them with you, because I think my brain is about done living untethered and that’s about all it can manage at this time. 

First let’s looks at the options offered by Public Works, including a lovely fire hydrant and street light. Also included is this a sign proclaiming “slow”. It is right before a curve that looks like it goes absolutely nowhere… or conversely, it looks like just around the curve is a magical mystery land.

Here is a thing that happened- 

I had a whole post all written – and it is picture heavy and I am lazy, so I have to add the photos from my phone. 

Sometimes I just email them to myself and do it that way (I am an old pop pop), but I did not do that today for some reason. 

Instead my brain said, let’s just add them directly from the phone all at once.

And so I did that. 

But somehow when I did that, I also deleted all of the eloquent words I wrote. 

I cannot wait to move this site over to WordPress. 

Then the insurance lady called me with some questions and now I no longer have the words to write the blog over again. 

So pretend I’m writing fancier as I give very simple explanations of these photos of the outside of the Professor House. 

Pictured, clockwise from l>r:

  • A Christmas Tree shaped tree that I am very excited to hedgetrim. There are many on the grounds. 
  • My readin’ tree.
  • A rose (one of many) that I am gonna have to learn how to take care of somehow.
  • An abandoned bird’s nest on our lush lawn.

  1. birbhouse
  2. birbhome


Hoop to play HORSE on but with an updated word. Now taking suggestions.

Firewood! This doesn’t seem like near enough for the winter. 

A river! If you look close enough you can see a duckie!!!!! EEE!

A rickety compost heap. Y’all, I can’t even tell you how excited I am that this is here. 

This tree that might possibly be dying? Is it? What kind of tree is this? The bark looks like sheets of newspaper sloughing off like one of those weird foot mask thingies. 

I am seriously asking wtf is up with this tree, so if you have an answer, let me know. I also have another picture of the up close bark, if you would like to see it. 

Live stuffie!!!!!!

Also, that is a photo of the grass after it was cut. 

It does it no justice, but this is the most lush lawn I’ve ever owned. 

Welp, shit. This is about the be the ONLY lawn I’ve ever OWNED. 


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