Another Round

One morning while I had the house to myself, I put on a random movie, with no expectation or honestly no idea what it was even about. I used to NEVER do this, because I love researching everything as much as possible before diving in. Recently though, as I’ve been learning more about myself and how my brain works, I’ve been taking the leap on movies and TV blind lately. 

The most recent case of this was “Another Round.” It showed up on my Hulu pages at the top of my recommendations and I’d been jiving really well with the Hulu algorithm lately, so I just dove right in. 

And was immediately greeted with subtitles. Now for some, that’s an immediate no, and that’s okay, everyone’s brain is different! I happen to process information better when I read it, so subtitles are FINE. In fact, I often turn on closed captioning on whatever I am watching at the time. 


It was fabulous. (der)

It made me feel all kinds of emotion: happy, curious, sad, scared, jubilant and mostly confused that teachers in Denmark make good enough livings that they can eat and drink to such glorious excess (at the fancy restos at least) on such a regular basis. But, then I guess, as teachers, they probably need it. 

So, in the most basic terms, this movie is about a group of teachers in Denmark who decided to do an experiment that involves drinking while at work. Sounds kinda sketch, right? But they did it as scientifically as they could. Well, they started out that way at least. Once I realized what the movie was about, I was a little terrified that it was gonna be a morality play, showing what a devil alcohol is and how it should be avoided at all costs. 

And, it kind of …is.

But it also isn’t. In addition to showing the dark times that drinking can bring, the film also highlights the wonder that can be found. Seeing the strength of these four’s bond and their support for each other was a real treat. It’s not often that men’s relationships are shown to be emotionally supportive to each other on screen and I really welcomed it. 

As the movie flowed on, I found myself relating to it, like, “Yes, that is the part of drinking that I love” or “Oof, yeah, that is what I don’t like.” But the movie doesn’t definitely say that it is 100%  or 100% good. It presents the “facts” and lets the viewer decide. 

I love a movie that LETS the viewer THINK! 

If I’m gonna start rating things, I guess they should be on a scale of Oh’s, huh? And the scale should be from 1-5, since 5 is my favorite number. 

This one gets a 4 from me. I’m gonna be strict, y’all. I have pretty high standards. 


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