Bean Box 12 Days of Christmas Coffee: Day 10

I watched the new Matrix movie last night and I honestly am not 100% sure on the name. 

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the Matrix movies. In fact I spent the three nights leading up the new one watching the original and it’s sequels (whose names I am also not sure of.)

The first one is by far the best. The second one is too much love for my taste and the third one is almost redemptive. 

This pace matches the entirety of the fourth Matrix movie:

The beginning filled me with hope, like, so much hope that this movie would be incredible and amazing and fill me with the wonder of the first one. 

The middle let me down so much. It felt like a completely different movie… like it felt like the core of the story came from a completely different brain. 

And then end? It was solid, but didn’t in any way make up for the slog in the middle. 

Love love loved the new Morpheus, though. 

Bean Box 12 Days of Coffee Day 10

Ugh, I hate to say this but, like the  second Matrix movie. Today’s coffee was not for me. The Fruitcake Blend from RoseLine Coffee got the job done, but I won’t be coming back for a sequel. 

I am sure folks with less caffeine requirements would adore it. It would be a solid cup of coffee with a fresh blueberry muffin. 

I just need something a bit more bitter, lol. 

And that’s okay! It’d be ridiculous to expect EVERYONE to love EVERYTHING. That’s a lot of pressure, you know?

1/5 Ohs

Oh, btw here is a link to the coffee calendar.


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