Bean Box 12 Days of Christmas Coffee: Day 11

It’s Christmas Eve and I ain’t got no plans for tomorrow. 

That’s not true. I’m making a baked brie and charcuterie. 

I also plan to watch as many episodes of Holiday television of humanly possible. 

Also, I’ll be drinking my final coffee. 

One of my clients featured a naughty holiday poem in their blog and it makes me giggle a lot, so instead of me writing some nonsense before I review my coffee, I’ll just leave a link to read the Lunas poem here. (p.s. Angelique is THE PERSON if you need a tarot card reading.)

Bean Box Day 11

Today’s coffee was another lighter blend so it was another one I was mostly ‘eh’ about. It’s the ‘Holiday Blend’ from Olympia Coffee. I didn’t have any cream to taste with it, but I bet it’s great all sweet and creamy. 

But black, it’s only 1.5/5 Ohs. 

Oh, btw here is a link to the coffee calendar.


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