Bean Box 12 Days of Christmas Coffees: Day 2

Today was a morning coffee kind of day. 

I stayed up too late last night watching “The Morning Show” on Apple TV. 

I could have stayed up even longer, tbh. This show is important and I put off watching it for too long. I dunno why, but my brain had a real mental block about watching it. But earlier this week, I found myself googling “Prestige Drama TV Shows” and it was one of the few that I hadn’t watched yet. 

Yes, I have a very clear niche. 

I could gush about the show, but I’d rather you go watch it and come talk to me about it!! I will say that is my favorite thing I’ve watched Jennifer Aniston in and I’m not even done yet. She is a powerhouse. 

brown bag of coffee labeled "Klatch Coffee: Dancing Reindeer"

Now, about this coffee. Obviously I am all hopped up on it as I write this post. 

This “Dancing Reindeer” blend from Klatch Coffee is the tits. There is no better way to explain it. 

My first cup was hot and black, my favorite way to try a new coffee. And, y’all, it was so tasty. But, like, simple tasty. The coffee didn’t try to convince me something it wasn’t, nor did it muddle it’s purpose with with a bunch of confusing flavor notes. 

On the packaging, they call it a “sweet and rich ‘toffee coffee'” and they nailed it. My second cup with some heavy whipping cream was a dream. I will 100% be buying this one again. 

This one gets a RESOUNDING 4.5/5 Ohs!


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