Bean Box 12 Days of Christmas Coffees: Day 3

My favorite holiday song is “It’s a Marshmallow World!” I will happily listen to any version of it and be absolutely blissful knowing that other people love candy as much as I do. 

Normally, I don’t really care about marshmallows one way or another. Unless they are, like, super-fancy ones from Wondermade in downtown Sanford, Florida. Those? I adore! Especially the bourbon ones. 

Why am I babbling about marshmallows? I’ve been drinking a very marshmallow-forward coffee all day so they’ve been on my mind.

brown Zoka Coffee bag

The ‘Tannenbaum Winter Blend‘ from Zoka Coffee (part of my Bean Box Christmas Coffees) is a tasty medium blend that tastes like a s’more minus the graham crackers. 

Which is fine by me, cause I think the crackers are the weakest part. I vote we replace them with shortbread cookies. That’s way more my speed.

I’m not really getting the caramel or nutty flavors that the bag says are in this one, but that might just be cause I’ve had fluffy marshmallows on the brain all day. 

Also, if you’re keeping track, this blend was tasty with no additions, but with cream, it really sings. And we all know what it’s singing, right?

3.5/5 Ohs!


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