Bean Box 12 Days of Christmas Coffees: Day 5

I got a chocolate with my coffee today! Full disclosure, because of the way the calendar is constructed, I spied it in there when I pulled out yesterdays coffee, but in my brain it made sense that it would go with the Saturday coffee because weekend. AND I DIDN’T WANT TO SPOIL IT FOR YOU. 

The chocolate is a “candy cane” chocolate from Seattle Chocolates. How many times can I say chocolate in one sentence? I think we just found out!

I stayed up too late binging The Morning Show on Apple TV+ so I have already had two cups of today’s coffee and I think you can tell by my writing. 

Waffle House Cup with brown bag of Fundamental Coffee: Winter Solstice Blend.

I am glad I saved the chocolate for today, because it pairs perfectly with this dark, delicious blend. 

Winter Solstice Blend from Fundamental Coffee Co. has a lot going on, but not in an overcomplicated way. On its own, it tastes mysterious and smoky. But then I had a bite of the mint chocolate and, like, all the sweet notes started poppin’ in. 

What surprised me the most is how it comes alive with a splash of cream. Today, since it’s the weekend, I used a splash of the “infused” creamer I make, and it added just the right stuff to make the spices come alive. 

4.5/5 Ohs

Oh, btw here is a link to the coffee calendar.


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