Bean Box 12 Days of Christmas Coffees: Day 7

The Internet ate my first draft so, this will be short. 

Today, I’ve been thinking a lot about hiding things. 

Why we do it, where we learned it, etc. 

But mostly, I’m figuring out that hiding things doesn’t serve me at all. It just builds up all of this stress and anxiety that stays, because the thing I’m hiding stays hidden.

Why did I spend so long living that way?

Yeah, I know it’s because I knew no other way, however I’m slowly but surely learning that I don’t want to be this way any more. 

So, I’m doing the best I can to stop. 

I will not hide my blasé attitude about today’s coffee either. It’s ok. It’s kind of like a Fest beer (which I refer to as “beer-flavored beer”) in that it tastes like … coffee. 

Now, this ain’t a bad thing. I love coffee and if you know me at all, you know one of my rally cries is “Fest Beer Best Beer”, because I love me a beer that tastes like beer. So that celebration of normalcy is something I can appreciate. 

This coffee (Snowbeard Holiday Blend) from Bluebeard Coffee Roasters disappointed me a bit because I was expecting a flavor bomb, but instead, I was just greeted with a solid cup of diner coffee. 

Which is another thing I love. 

2/5 Ohs from my flavor-bomb expecting brain

4/5 Ohs from my “Coffee Flavored Coffee” brain

Oh, btw here is a link to the coffee calendar.


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