Bean Box 12 Days of Christmas Coffees: Day 8

Hello, if you are struggling with pre-menopause symptoms like ya girl is, I found something that helps.
It is not tasty at all and a struggle for me to eat, but the benefits have been so worth it. Seriously, it takes me an hour each morning to eat one one-inch cube. 
I’m really selling it, huh?
Well, earlier this month, I tried these vitamin cubes called “Gem Nutrition“. I got the sample pack with three flavors and they all taste like weird seaweed baked goods, but the peppermint is the worst.
I hated the taste so much the first day, I immediately cancelled my next order.
But that night, I slept better than I had in months. NO night sweats, not toss-n-turns and that was enough to make me give another flavor a shot the next day. 
Still hard to eat. But I noticed less brain fog as the day went on. I was able to stay more focused on projects. That was kind of weird to be honest. 

Ok, I thought, I’m leading up to my big annoying week before my period where my hormones are all out of whack and I feel like I am not in control of my body or mind most of the time. If that is improved by any great measure, I’ll reinstate my subscription. 

And, y’all. I started my period today and I wasn’t a total out of control bitch at all the week leading up to my period. I got bloaty and still had some hormonal breakouts, but I had total control (well, as much as I do on a normal day) of my brain and my emotions. 

A+ stuff. 

So, in the words of Destiny’s Child, “I’m a Subscriber!”.

Tony's Coffee + Gem Nutrition
Oh and about today’s coffee: 

It’s the Snow Joe Holiday Blend from Tony’s Coffee and it’s my best tasting one yet. It’s full flavored, but medium bodied and is equally good with cream or without. 

Might be a bop to make, like, a fancy coffee with it. Like a good cappuccino or mocha or something, you know? Maybe I’ll try it. 

I do want to address something on the packaging that I’ve been thinking about all day. The copy reads exactly (and the quotes are theirs, not mine): [The.. flavors..] are perfect for snow days and “gotta go” days.

Is this a poop joke?
4.75/5 Ohs

Oh, btw here is a link to the coffee calendar.


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