Cancelling Internet Should Not Be This Difficult

Especially when the damn company couldn’t even install Internet at the Professor Haus!

Let me back up. 

See, when we moved in, our plan originally was to just transfer our ATT service from Florida to Michigan. I did my due diligence on the website and made sure the service was available at our address and then I got on a CALL with ATT to make sure the cancellation of the Florida Internet and the turning on of the Michigan Internet went smoothly. 

Obviously, it did not. 

The installer fella showed up at the day and time he was supposed to and we were so excited to have Internet in the Professor Haus. 

He spent about 30 minutes puttering around and looking at stuff and then told us he had bad news for us. 

“I can’t install Internet at this house.”

He walked us around the property and pointed out some wires and poles and stuff, but it didn’t really register in my brain, cause it had already moved on to who to call next.

I immediately got mad at myself for not doing backup Internet research, just in case something like this happened. 

However, I did remember the old owners mentioning that they got their Internet service from some company named Wow!

Which I kind of loved for a couple different reasons. 

Reason 1: It’s a fun word that is fun to day and if my Internet company can have pizzaz and personality in their name alone, I’m a fan. Plus their logo is cute. 

Reason 2: Before I was in the AOL chatrooms, I was in the WOW! (by Compuserve) chat rooms. And I loved them. WOW! was a much cheaper counterpart to AOL’s dial up Internet Service. My friend Billy was on WOW! too and we spent a lot of time in those chatrooms talking to scary Internet strangers. 

So the name “WOW!” in relation to an Internet company gives me the warm fuzzies. 

So I called them and that phone call was a breeze. 

They never were with ATT. I always tried to get things taken care of in the chat room (of course) but inevitably had to end up on the phone. I hate phone calls, so by the power of the transitive property, I also hate ATT. 

WOW let us do a self install of our Internet, and gave us a wifi extender since we have multiple floors. Our Internet has been pretty seamless the so far, too. 

It’s been a good experience with WOW, for sure.

Welp, today, we got a paper ATT Bill for the first time since we’ve been moved in. 

And it still has Internet on it. WTF. 

We asked the installer fella if there was anything else we needed to do to ‘cancel’ the Internet service. He said, “nope you’re all good” or some similar statement. 

So, this afternoon, I got into a chatroom with ATT and explained our situation. 

The first person couldn’t help me and transferred me to a second person, who asked me this:

“Did you call our cancellation department to cancel?”

That question is when I began writing this blog, because I figured I’d be in for a long afternoon of terrible times. 

I of course answered no and then answered all the follow up questions asked by the agent. Which were already asked by the previous agent. 

Don’t they have access to the chat records? Puh. 

OK, so after jumping through the chat hurdles for about 30 minutes, the agent told me that because this is a cancellation, it must be done verbally. 

I countered with, “Welp, I think the quote “hey we cannot install internet at your house” was an in-person verbal cancellation.”

They did not agree, so I had to make a phone call. 

Which is up there as one of my least favorite things to do, along with driving and sweating. So I was not looking forward to this.

And I figured it’d be something to blog about at the very least. 

While I don’t enjoy being exasperated, I do enjoy writing about exasperation. Kind of weird, but it is what it is. 

Welp, the call took all of five minutes and my agent was well-spoken, nice and helped me out immediately. Their name was Dominique in case ATT is reading this for some reason. Give that agent a raise!

So, I thought this blog was gonna end more dramatically, but nope, ATT took care of me: cancelled the Internet Service and credited out account the proper amount. 

Not used to that level of customer service from them, at all. 


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