Creative Bathroom Art

The place I am staying in at the moment has a piece of art in the bathroom that reminds me of a piece of art that I have in my bathroom at home. 

In fact, I think I’ve had this exact photo in my bathroom for over ten years now. It’s one of the only pieces of art that hung in all three of my last places of residences. 

I don’t think I’ll ever not hang it, to be perfectly honest. 

If I have a bathroom in my house, this art will be hanging in it. 

Mystery Bathroom Pic. Looks kind of exotic.

It is a public space, based in Orlando. 

Well, it was at one point, but I am not at all sure that it exists anymore. 

Do you recognize it?  

If we were in person right now, I’d 100% be making you guess. 

I know that is stressful for some folks, too, so I would like to apoplogize if I ever put you in this awkward position and made your brain spinny.

Furthermore, if I ever put you in the awkward position of forcing you to play a guessing game that is making you feel all jumbly tumbly inside, gently let me know and I’ll stop. 

And I’ll just tell you, cause I love talking about this photo. (and I DO NOT wish to make my friends, or anyone else for that matter, feel uncomfortable.)

The photo was taken by one of my longest adult life friends… one of the roughly one million Sean/ Shaun/Shaan/Sian/Shawns that I know. This Sean is a photographer and you can follow his current work on Instagram

If you ever come to the house, I’m happy to give you a tour of his work. 

I love it because a lot of the pics I have from him are of mundane things. 

My favorite from SPB is what I call the addiction series: Skittles, Starburst, Cherry Coke Zero, and Diet Mountain Dew. He’s also really good at Lego scenes and nature shots. 

And food, of course. But then he is also really awesome at making food as well. So it makes sense that he can make it LOOK as good as it tastes. 

So this photo is of a bathroom at Disney’s Animal Kingdom from 15 years ago? Maybe? I think? Time has no meaning anymore, honestly. 

Well, I’ve been in this AirBnB since Saturday and I just noticed the art in the bathroom.

It’s a picture of the ACTUAL bathroom. 

That the picture is in. 

It’s meta AF. 

And I love it. 

And it makes me feel at home. 

You know, to have a photo of a bathroom in a bathroom.

And, yes, the bathtub is damn incredible. 


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