Does Anyone Have an Old Purse Row of Doom?

I do!

Well, I did. For the entire time I’ve lived in this house. 

It took up residence on the top shelf in our bedroom closet and I curated it for over ten years. 

Not intentionally, of course, but neurodivergently. 

I mean, I am just assuming that is why I did this. 

What is an “Old Purse Row of Doom”, you may ask?

Well, please let me tell you. 

I am a single purse user. I do not match to my outfits. I do not theme my handbags to the occasion. I use the same purse every single day for every single purpose. 

I normally tend to prefer a smaller purse rather than a bigger purse, because – and if you are a fellow purseholder, you probably already know this – I get asked to carry all the things. 

And I ain’t trying to make my body lopsided with the weight of everyone else’s junk, so a smol purse it is. 

(for reference “smol” is completely different than “small” because it is cute and compact and not just little. It is the pocket person of descriptive words.)

When I retire a purse, I just shove the wallet into the new purse and toss the old purse and whatever is in it up onto the row of doom. 

My brain tells me, “we’ll go through it later!”

It is never later enough apparently. 

So, at the end of almost 11 years, I have amassed a significant doom row. 

Well, this morning I went through them. 

Honestly, it was kind of like an art project, because these purses were filled with snapshots of exactly where I was in my life at the time. 

All of them had gum in them. 

All of them had stickers in them. 

All of them had lip balm in them. 

All of them had SO MUCH CHANGE in them. 

And some dollar dollar bills y’all. 

When I say I grab the wallet and toss, I mean it.

I found tickets from movies, notes from events I ran and so many receipts. 

It was difficult not to go through every single one and try to place the year the purse existed in my life. But I knew if I did that, it’d take me at least two days to go through these. 

It was still kind of weird to sift through these bags filled with mundane things from my life at very specific times. 

We have doom boxes around the house too. At least one per room, but really there are a lot. My brain was prepared for going through those in the moving process. I knew they were gonna be a hurdle to go through and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. 

Wasn’t prepared for these purses though. They took me by surpise!

But at least I’m, like, almost $20 richer!


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