Have You Ever Met a Person with “Instant Charisma”?

Five seconds ago, I opened the front door for someone who is here to quote a roof replacement (yay, Florida insurance!). 

Immediately I liked her. She didn’t even have to speak a word, but I knew we would get along. And I was right! 

This wasn’t an awkward sales-y thing, it was like a person we had known for a while just happens to be a roof salesperson and was over to give us a casual “friend” quote. 

Except we’d never met her. 

We will 100% see her again, though, cause we went with her company for our roof! It’s gonna be blue and metal and I am excited about both of those things very much. 

I love discovering people like this in the wild and have honestly met some of my favorite people this way. 

"You Have Got Charisma!" - Son-In-Law - Paulie Shore

Normally I’d say something dismissive like “real recognize real” but I don’t think I possess a fraction of the charisma as the folks I’m talking about. 

You’ve met them, right?

That person that people just *want* to talk to.

Not the ones that hold court to regale crowds with stories all about them. Nor do I mean the ones that collect friends as if they were fans who only exist to bolster their own ego. 

I’m talking about the people who you want to talk to because you have no idea what you’re gonna discover by talking about literally any subject. Hell you never even know what y’all are gonna talk about. 

And it’s not because the person knows a lot of stuff, but that they show interest whatever you’re discussing, asking things that might encourage you to look at something deeper or in a different way. 

In that way it’s like they are helping you teach yourself. 

I was having a conversation with another one of those people last night and he said something like, “There are some people that are just likeable. You could put another person on stage to do a stand up set with the best jokes and if they’re not likeable… they’ll probably bomb.

But put a likeable person onstage? They can walk up on stage, say ‘Tuesday’ and have the crowd rolling.”

I’ve seen it happen, y’all. It’s true as hell. 

I told myself I was gonna try to blog short today, but I got carried away again, because there is at least 50 more things i could say about this topic, so expect more blogs on this topic. 

But for now I will leave you with this when this insta-charisma roof selling bad ass left, we had purchased a roof, but she also left with a recommendation for my produce box

I love telling people about that thing. 



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