Hello. A Lot Has Happened Since We Last Spoke

First off. 

I am now official a Michigan resident. Mickey and I got our licenses today and it was a time, but still pretty chill because every single thing seems more relaxed up here?

Maybe I am just more relaxed? Who knows. 

Not me for one. My brain is ATE UP. I couldn’t even tell you what my last blog was about without going back and looking. 

And that is because we have officially purchased and moved into The Professor Haus (yes, we changed the spelling. Thank you Paulie G & Aubrey for that new twist).

And when I say moved in I mean, we bought a king sized bed (we can both starfish now – it’s SO BIG) and completely emptied our PODS Pod. 

In less than 24 hours.

I will do another post talking about how the closing went and how the real estate process (including the changing of the licenses and registrations and Internets – we had to go with our backup provider!!!!) went for us. 

Spoiler alert: It’s not very friendly to neurodivergent brains and I have some thoughts. So I’m gonna say ’em. 

I loved all the people we worked with – our mortgage broker in particular, but there was a lot of stuff we were just expected to know.

…And we didn’t. So it was awkward. 

But like I said, my brain is swirling and there are boxes everywhere so I can’t really concentrate on quality content, but there are two things I wanted to share with y’all while the excitement is still very fresh.

History tidbit #1:

We learned something incredible about The Professor Haus at the closing. I don’t remember if I said it before, but our house is over 100 years old (OUR HOUSE). It was built in 1909. Yes the stairs are creaky. Which set you ask? ALL OF ‘EM! 

We noticed the date of the city’s incorporation on our City of Melvindale-provided garbage cans during the walkthrough. It was incorporated as a village in 1924 – and as a city in 1933. Or 1926 – depending on what website you look at. I don’t know the nuances yet, but I will. 

Wanna know why? Because of what we learned during the closing. Mickey asked (because he know I would love to know) the old owners about the history of the house. They talked about the folks who built it and some other stuff. 

Then just casually mentioned that the City of Melvindale was founded in OUR LIVING ROOM. Like, wtf! Could this house (or Haus) BE any cooler? 

I’m about to become such a library owl, scannin’ on the microfiche, learning about my home’s history. 

Speaking of history, I know y’all are dying to know if they left the Goonies chest. 

Which brings me to

History tidbit #2: 

Yes they did. 

And to answer your follow up question, yes I did. 

It was one of the first things we did after closing, to be quite frank. KPerks was there to celebrate with us, and she sneaked a picture of me! 

Here is a photo of the moment I opened the trunk:


And as you can see they are books. 

But as you can’t see – they are a full set (I’m guessing?) of Encyclopedia Britannica from the year 1897… or 1895. To I say I squealed with excitement is no exaggeration. I don’t think I ever made that sound before and I doubt I ever will again. 

I don’t remember the date because of the way my brain works and my brain also won’t let me touch the books again or handle them in any way until I get some gloves cause ya girl has some seriously oily hands and I do NOT want to fuck these up. 

I couldn’t be happier with our find. 

Now that we’re moved in (but not at all unpacked, hahaha), I should be able to get back to some more regular bloggin’. I can’t tell in my brain when I don’t take the time to write. It starts to get spinny, but luckily I can recognize it earlier now and put an end to it. 

Plus – I can’t wait to tell you what I found in the piano bench!


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