Hello. I Am in My New State Now.

And the very first thing we did was…

Well, if I’m being honest, the very first thing we did was stop at the visitor center when we crossed the Michigan border and stocked up on SO MANY brochures. 

Now, this is not something I’d normally do, despite loving words of any kind. See? The brochures in those places are all jumbly tumbly like the thoughts in my brainspace and have no organization at all.

Not this one, though. This one had every single brochure and little zine organized by location. It was easy to figure out what was near us and we left with a tall stack of things to do. 

That didn’t change one bit what the first thing we did was. 

Well, our whole trajectory changed completely when we had a violently negative reaction to Nashville. 

We rolled into Nashville on a Sunday at about 1pm, with our GPS pointed straight to Third Man Records. The Nashville location is a completely different feel than the Detroit store (I prefer the Detroit location), but I still left with some souvenirs:

  • Third Man Records socks
  • Black and yellow smol striped tee that I really wanted in Detroit but there was only one left and it was not in my size at all. 
  • Tiny record player that plays 3-inch records and 6 3-inch records to play it on (Larry the Pool Sloth already wants to deejay)

Then we set the GPS to the Johnny Cash Museum and the hotel we planned to stay at, which happened to be right across the street from each other. 

Except, we could barely drive on the streets and could not figure out how to park at hotel, so after hyperventilating for a bit, we just peaced out and kept driving. 

We had a moment of panic when we went to cancel the hotel reservation that we made literally 10 minutes prior and they tried to charge us $300  to cancel (Look, we are making a huge life change and this was the one thing we chose to splurge on).

So, I panic called and blurted out something like, “Hello, we made a reservation not ten minutes ago and then drove to your hotel and tried to park and couldn’t figure it out. My partner and I are both neurodivergent and we got extremely overwhelmed simply trying to drive through the city.”

Then I explained the reservation cancellation issue and asked if they could help me out. 

They did (I think).

Then we moved up the road to Kentucky where we stayed the night in Elizabethtown. At first it was a little bit ironically because we both know the city from the movie, but y’all, it’s cute af. A little gem!

We will be back. 

So then, we were trying to figure out how to move forward. My brain had the bright idea of driving through to Detroit a day earlier and staying in a Casino hotel and ballin’ it up that way. 

And that’s what the plan was for a bit. 

Then I had some chocolate covered blueberries (IYKYK) and took a shower. 

And I almost didn’t open my mouth. 

But I did and this is what I said:

“What if we go to a Tiger’s game tomorrow?”

Then, because I never feel like the thing I want to do is enough, I followed it up with:

“Mom’s Spaghetti is super close to the stadium so we can hit the afternoon game and get dinner there afters.”

Mickey loves me and knows how happy being in a baseball stadium makes me, so he said yes. 

Then came the stressful part of choosing seats. 

Y’all I jumped around a LOT with my choices and I am very grateful Mickey was so patient with me. 

At first I wanted to baller it right behind home plate for the traditionally baller seats. 

But then I was like, nah, I bet there’s something secretly better. And also who wants to sit in the full sun? 

And I thought I’d found it with the padded upper decker club seats that have extra booty room and killer views apparently. 

We had almost settled on those when I decided to do one more search. 

And that is when I discovered the Tiger’s Den seats and now I can never go to a ball game any other way. 

So the Tiger’s Den seats are the best seats possible, IMHO. They are under shade, have an INCREDIBLE view, access to two private, air conditioned clubs, padded seats, a little table for your nachos, and seatside service. 

Like, you order a beer (or whatever) in an app and it just shows up at your seat. 

There are BALLER seats, y’all. 

But because the Tigers are not winning right now, they are also in our budget. Like, under $100 each in our budget. 

So we took the money we planned to ball out in Nashville with on a fantastic day of baseball. 

I mean, the Tigers lost, but it made me so happy to just be here. 

Look at our view. 

I did have one misstep where I let my nachomonger talk me into a margarita. Sometimes when I have a drink with too much sugar it makes my arm weird and achy. It used to happen a lot when we’d go on the charter fishing boat, so I’m fairly certain that it has something to do with the heat + the overly sugared drink. 

It had been so damn long since I’d felt it I forgot how intense it was. Luckily instead of what I’d do previously, which was just power though and be cranky at everyone around me while trying to put on a good face… I told Mickey that my shoulder arm was doing its weird achy thing, got some bubble water and drank it and after 15 minutes it was all better. 

It’s weird being patient with myself, but I guess it works. 

So, I just wanted to give y’all a little update. 

I have a lot more to say about our short little road trip, including a story where I accidentally ordered too fancy whisky, visiting a cave museum where I discovered a new rabbit hole and trying Skyline Chili for the very first time and some other things too. 

Actually, I may just do a whole chili post because I am very into trying chili in 100 places lately. Seriously, yesterday I had it on three different dishes at two different locations. 

Okay bye.  


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