Hello. We watched the eclipse and here are my thoughts.

I mean, the title is the first sentence, too, so just say that again in your brain.

Okay now that that is over with, let’s move on to the meat of the article: the 2024 Solar Eclipse. Now, this is my third eclipse.

I remember one in the ‘80s in Georgia. I was in elementary school and I remember the shadows of the leaves looked like fingernails.

I remember the one in 2017. I was working at Fairvilla in Florida and we all took turns watching it happen through some welding goggles. I liked the way the weight of them felt on my face.

But both of those times, the eclipse was something to mark off of a to-do list, before we went about the rest of our days, either at school or at work.

This year, we made the eclipse the day. Since he got let go, both Mickey and I have been working off of to-do lists on paper. I’ve been using this technique (and my Slingshot planner) for quite a few years now. Something about the physical act of checking off completed tasks really rings a bell in my brain. Mickey’s giving it a shot while he has the time and space to work out a system that works for his brain.

This morning, after coffee was made and my morning pages written, Mickey asked me “are we doing lists today?” and I said no.

We were in 99.4% totality and I felt like it should be treated like a holiday, so we did! I did a bit of work while Mickey spent his time however (I have no idea what he did, so I’m not gonna speculate) and then at about 1:30 we started heading outside.

Mickey laid down a blanket, and then another blanket on top of that one for cushiness. We filled a thermos with hot coffee, set the mood with a playlist, grabbed our glasses and settled in.

And that’s all we did! We talked and we sat in silence. We talked back to this one weird song with this lady who kept trying to have a conversation with us and then asking “Why aren’t you answering me?” so we started answering her.

She still wasn’t happy. I wish I had noted what song it was.

While we waited, the “big truck” police officer pulled into his normal hidey hole. I can never remember what the official department name is. Their purpose is to watch for big rigs driving down our road and pull them over and make them turn around so that they don’t damage it. Our side road provides an excellent vantage point for this.

He waved at us and told us the last person he pulled over gave him some eclipse glasses and started watching too. After a while, before the eclipse reached its full 99 percent, he moved on, off to catch some more rumbly trucks.

We stayed out there, though. For almost a full three hours. It was honestly magical. The light got really odd the closer to 99 percent that it got. We could literally feel the cold rolling in. The birds didn’t shut up the whole time and we even had some squirrels running around.

Everything looked so crisp and the colors popped like there was a real life instagram filter applied to our lives. The moon was a frown and then it turned into a sly side smile that just bigger and bigger.

We didn’t put any pressure on capturing a moment or checking something off of a list. We just existed together and experienced it.

It was lovely.

Here is one of the only photos I took during that time:


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