Hi, I Went to an Estate Sale And I Bought an Entire Collection of Banana Stickers


I do not know. 

They were just calling to me, man. I had to have ’em. 

Let me back up a bit.

You know me and Mickey, right? We’re always looking for an adventure.

However, this year has been kind of bleh for us both. It’s understandable, there’s been a lot going on.

So, the other day Mickey sent me an advertisement for an estate sale on his weekend. It was about an hour and a half away but we didn’t have anything else planned, so we planned to do that. 

And then we did. 

We drove to a new-to-us part of Michigan called Holly. It felt very much like Georgia to me. I felt like I’d be crossing over the railroad tracks and headed down the long road to the house I grew up in Social Circle.

But nope. We found some Michigan hills and we gave ’em the old up and down. (my language is all over the place today, so in case you need a translation that means Mickey was driving our vehicle up and down some hills with the both of us in it!)   

There was also way more water than I was anticipating. Everything from big ol lakes to smol lil puddles. Water was prominent on our journey is what it boils down to. 

When we arrived at the Estate Sale house, we knew it was right up our alley. There were pages of old newspaper comics framed on the wall and old camping supplies everywhere. 

Yes, we bought some of both. Our kitchen is summer camp themed after all. 

We also bought a lovely bread proofing bowl and old timey bread recipe book.

I put the bowl to good use yesterday to make a lovely loaf of French bread which is somehow completely missing today. 

We can’t have eaten an entire loaf of bread already, can we?

Ayup, we did. 

One of the things I enjoy about going to estate sales is that you get a sense of the people who inhabited the space. These folks were definitely artsy, with a bend toward buying quality products. 

And they were into podcasting, early. Or interested in it, at least. There was an old school boxed “become a podcaster” set that stayed there for someone else to discover and a really nice lapel mic (still in the box!) that we definitely brought home with us. 

Now, before I get to my most delightful purchase of the day, I wanted to talk about the two new OJ glasses Mickey and I got. 

This sale had a solid selection of Waterford Crystal and, since I’m growing mad flowers now (check me out on the clock app: ValleyOfOh) I thought I would need a vase (pictured here with some random Aldi flowers inside). 

And then I also got this very fancy OJ glass. Mickey chose this NASA Glass for his OJ because it came from a mission that an astronaut he met flew on. Flew on doesn’t seem like the correct verbiage to use here, but that’s what my brain is spitting out, so here we are. 

The astronaut was Jim Lovell, btw. 

Then we come to my brand new collection of banana stickers. They were hanging on the wall, so many tiny stickers in four large, differently-sized frames. 

I was drawn to them when I first walked in the room. And then laughed at myself because why would I even want that?!

Then we wandered the rest of the house and I embarrassingly said to Mickey, “I think I want the banana stickers”

He said, “Okay, how much are they?”

They were not priced so then I had to make the serious decision of how much I actually wanted them. Did I want them enough to go talk to the person manning the cash box? I knew I’d stumble over my words, because when did I ever think I’d be asking the question:

”How much are the framed banana stickers?”

I did it! I asked the question!

He asked, “Which ones?”

In a panic because I am talking to another human, I replied, “All of them, please.”

I didn’t know if I wanted all of them or just one frame’s worth, but at the price he quoted me ($20), all four frames came home with me. 

And, y’all, they bring me an incredible amount of delight. INCREDIBLE. 

Here, just look!




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