I Am Addicted to Garlic Noodles

I do not have a photo. 

I never have a photo of garlic noods, because I eat them too quickly and I eat them all. 

Normally, when I order in, or heck, even make a food myself, I don’t finish it. I always have leftovers. Always (but I hate eating them).

It’s like, halfway through whatever I’m eating, my brain gets bored and wants something different. That’s why having a plate of options is excellent for me. 

To be fair though, my curren tideal plate of options would be the following:

  • Hot pistachios
  • Sour Skittles
  • Regular pistachios or even shelled peanuts would be fine
  • Non-Dairy Ice Cream Bar
  • Thin crust frozen pizza
  • These little Nature’s Valley Wafer thingies
  • Nachos, always nachos

Ok, so there’s a lot of things. And a lot of them are unhealthy, so that is why I don’t eat like that every day. 

Here’s the thing, though. I think that if I lived at a buffet I’d eat pretty healthy, because I’d have so many options. 

However, now that I think back on my last experience at Shoney’s buffet line, I think I ended up with a big plate of pudding and nothing else. So, there’s a chance I could be wrong about that. 

But the garlic noodles. THE GARLIC NOODLES. 

(these are a selection of noods from the Kai Instagram)

They come from a place here in Orlando called “Kai Asian Street Fare” and I, shit you not, order them at least once a week. I get the same thing every time: plain garlic noods and an order of fancy fries to share. (There are two options for the fries: one is vegetarian-ish and one has meat. I chose the variety based on who’s doing a hang with me at that time. I am never disappointed in either.)

Oh, so about this slippery garlic delivery system… I finish the entire container every time. Even if they give me “too many.” 


There is no such thing as “too many” garlic noodles. Any amount is the perfect amount. 

My friend KPerks has been yelling about these things for years now. But I am a hermit, so I didn’t make the trip to try ’em out, so I was always missing out on this amazingness. 

Then one day, it showed up on my delivery app and I couldn’t order them fast enough. 

They did not disappoint. 

Now, to be fair. I love garlic a whole lot.

The Hawaiian Raw Garlic tots at Oblivion Taproom used to be my favorite thing to eat in all of Orlando. It was bite-y, it was sting-y and it was so, so garlic-y. 

Basically, those tots were perfect and I miss them. 

Nothing that I didn’t cook in my own kitchen could fill the garlic-shaped hole in my heart left by the loss of Oblivion’s Hawaiian Raw Garlic. 

Until now. 

It’s not the same flavor at all, but this cardboard box of delivery noodles celebrates the awesomeness of garlic in its own way, lifting up the humble spice (technically a vegetable) to be the literal star of the simple dish. 

Ugh, it’s so umami. 

I’ve even attempted to recreate this on my own at home, to varying degrees of success. All delicious, but none as magical as Kai’s. 

However, when I make them at home, I actually save the leftovers. 

And eat them the next day. This is a huge deal. My brain normally doesn’t allow me to eat leftovers. But these are too good to go to waste. 

Look, I dunno what I was thinking trying to create the magic of these noodles with the written word, but I love them.

And I love you. 

And I love sharing things I love with people I love. 

So here we are. 

Next time you have a hankerin’ for some garlic-y goodness, get these noods. And then come gush about them to me. 

I won’t even judge your garlic breath. 


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