I Am Not Good At Waiting.

Nope, not one bit.

But that’s okay, because that first sentence is as far as I needed to write in this blog before I got the answer I was waiting on. 

As I mentioned before, we are moving this summer. 

Mickey got a new job with infinitely less travel. I fell in love with Detroit and want to volunteer all my time in the vibrant arts community there (that I’m not doing my freelance design and writing work.)

So we’re moving. 

And we’ve spent the bulk of our time looking at every single house in our budget between Ypsilanti and Detroit. 

Then two weeks ago, on a Thursday, Mickey was out of town, my Best Friend had just arrived for our weekly TV viewing experience and I was making tea. 

Right before we settled in to watch our show, I got a text from Mickey with a new listing. Now, we’d been sending listings back and forth for days, so I was fully prepared to give it a cursory glance and then get back to our viewing. 

But this is what I saw:

I knew I had to see more, so I told my Best Friend to plz hold. 

Every pic I saw cemented my dream even more. 

I showed Trevor (my Best Friend). His first thought?

“It looks like Professor Xavier’s school!”

I mean, he’s not wrong!

And those lil trees in front are just a small taste of the holiday wonderland yard that this magnificent house has. 

Ok, so long story short (and so I can get to the gushin’), we put an offer on the house last week, and our offer was accepted today. 

So that means next month I will literally be living in a home plucked from my imagination. 

Let me tell you this short list of things we “wanted” in our “perfect” house. Also when I say “we” I really mean “me”, because Mickey’s two requirements for the new house were 2 toilets- minimum, and that it makes me happy. 

Jacki Want #1: Vintage wallpaper. In the house we’re living in now, the vintage wallpaper in the bathroom is my literal favorite thing. I love having something hanging up that someone else lovingly picked out, whatever was fashionable to them at the time. 

Well, here’s what I have to work with now (this is gonna be my office/our dining room and it is the first room I have BIG PLANS for.)

Oh, I should also mention Jacki Want #2: arty glass, which you can see in the front door and these gorgeous french doors. This house also has Glass Block Windows (Jacki Want #3) in the basement. 

Jacki Want #4: A Kitchen. Now, this is the least inspiring room in the house to my brain, but that’s okay. I think I’ll feel it when I’m in it. BUT I HAVE A GAS STOVE, Y’ALL!

These wants are all out of order and willy nilly except for this one – 5 is my lucky number so I wanted to put the thing I am most excited to hop into on my favorite number. Look, it makes sense in my brain.

Jacki Want #5: a motherfucking claw foot bathtub. Y’all. I didn’t think there was ANY WAY I’d end up with a house with a claw foot bath tub within our budget. Welp, here is my bathroom now. I’m gonna read so many books in there. Also, this is the first room I’m decorating and is the reason why I was asking about disco rainbows the other day. 

Jacki Want #6: potentially haunted attic. I am hoping for a more mature ghost this time, but am also, like, 99% sure I’ll turn this into an arty space with blanket or pillow fort vibes. The light looks gorgeous in there, 

Jacki Want #7: Basement bathroom – Look, I thought I was gonna be creeped out about a basement bathroom, but when KPerks and I went to scope out the area, our airbnb had a bathroom in the basement and it made me feel really safe and I loved it. So I secretly added it to my dream house list. Plus, I’m turning this into, like, a bar bathroom (at least that’s what I’m thinking right now) with wall graffiti, show signs (first thing going up is Carmen Morales’ HBO special poster!)

Jacki Want #7: Lots of storage. I cannot wait to stand inside this room. I don’t know why exactly, but It itches my brain just right. Also not pictured is this really cool creepy space under the front porch that I also get mega VIBES from. Dunno what I’ll do with it yet, though. 

Jacki Want #8: Garage with room to make a lil punk rock DIY venue situation. That white building is garage number 2, so the house gods definitely answered that call. The inside is already wired for electricity and is an INCREDIBLE space. 

Also pictured in the above photo is Jacki Want #9 – a gotdang balcony offa the master bedroom. I’m painting it pearly white so it still looks traditional but is all glowy in the sun. I will mount a bubble machine out there so I can make magic whenever I want. I’m gonna drink so much coffee out there. 

Ok, so this last want was so far fetched that I didn’t think there was any way we’d get it. In fact, I was trying to talk myself out of wanting one even. 

I don’t know if you can see it tucked away over there on the other side of the garage, but that’s a pool y’all. In Michigan! IN THIS ECONOMY?!? (I’m sorry I keep making that joke so much lately, but I really love this show called “The Other Two” and Brook Dubek says it a lot and it always makes me laugh. Please watch that show if you haven’t. It’s on HBOMax.)

So, we can still have pool parties. 

Y’all comin’?



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