I Am Passionate About Menstruation

I am passionate about menstruation. 

This seems like a weird statement to make, but it is 100% true.

Over 15 years ago, I was in a very unhappy marriage, looking for ways to be ME in the tiniest ways possible, because I was afraid of losing myself. Like, I didn’t realize it at the time, while it was happening, but looking back I see this little act of (what was considered at the time) “grossness”, I was holding on to the smallest shred of Jacki. 

I bought a menstrual cup. And despite the cries of, “I don’t understand why you would want to do that to me!” and “Why can’t use just use pads or tampons like normal people?” I kept using it. 

I reflect on that every period and wonder why this was the small thing that I refused to let go of. Why, with all the other stuff I gave into, why did I hold onto this?

And I mean, I’m passionate about it. Because using a cup is not only good for environment and the outside world, but it’s great for me and my insides, too. 

Here are just a few benefits I’ve experienced since using my cup (of various brands) for amost 20 years now:

  • Less cramps
  • Less blood
  • Less jellyfish (y’all know what I mean)
  • Less ruined panties (no lie, I’ve had less leaks with the cup then I ever did with “traditional methods”)
  • Less ruined pants (see above, but also, I mostly just stopped wearing pants altogether)
  • Less stinky trash 

That last one? Worth its weight in gold. When I wore pads or tampons, I was always hypersensitive about the smell. I felt like EVERYONE knew when I was on my period from the smell alone. Of course I tried the scented things, but that was even worse. 

It is easy clean every month, simple af to empty and reinsert for me, but that may not be the case for everyone and that’s ok, because there are so many reusable options out there now! Ugh I am jealous of the knowledge and options available to the younger generations. 

So much so, that almost every time I see someone posting about trying a menstrual cup or similar, I’ll reach out to them. If they are someone I feel really comfortable with, I’ll ask them if I can pay for their first cup (their choice of style/brand, of course)! I’ve gifted almost 10 so far and almost nothing makes me feel better. 

So, today while I am fighting cramps (that are lesser than they could have been) and raging emotions, I am taking time to reflect on how this “time of the month” has given me the opportunity to help others in my small, but loving community.


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