I Am Terrible About Responding To Blog Comments

For that, I apologize. The software I decided to use for the site is not for blogging purposes. 

I didn’t plan to blog. 

I planned to release two t-shirts a month and just use this as a place to direct people that wanted to work with me. 

The shirt thing? I got discouraged pretty quickly, because I was the only one that ordered them. I do get great joy our of wearing them or seeing Mickey wear the one I got him – and then recently when a very good friend bought some stickers. 

I feel really weird asking people to buy things from me, so I know I didn’t promote it as much as I could have.

But that’s okay, because I have really enjoyed this blog. And, even moreso, I’ve really enjoyed not giving a fuck about it. 

Everyday I wake up and tell myself it’s okay not to blog if I don’t want to. In fact, earlier this week on the day everything was going to crap, I gave myself permission to stop thinking about the blog that day. None of my drafts were hitting my brain and I didn’t have anything new to say, so I told myself it was okay to not say anything. 

Then I went to therapy and remembered how much I missed the Brawl, so I wrote it a love letter

But I am terrible at responding to comments and, as soon as we move, I’m gonna be changing the software so I can converse in the comments!!!

However, I would like to take this time to reply to some of them, because the guilt has been eatin’ at me. 

I will be doing it in this format:

  • Comment
    • My response

Let’s go.

  • Your dad was a pip
    • I agree wholeheartedly. 
  • Michael Fassbinder (or Fastbinder) Binders Keepers Bind ‘er & Gag ‘er Binded by the Light Cerebral Annex
    • My binder has 100% been named “Michael Fassbinder” since I saw this quote.
  • Actually, that’s brilliant! And I love that wallpaper. I told you that was an amazing bathroom when I first saw it – very MCM 🙂
    • I love hearing about people using my bath time temperature control system. And hard agree on the wallpaper – aside from the rock wall and the pool, it’s the thing I’ll miss most about this house. 
  • The ONLY good thing I’ve found about getting older is realizing if it was possible to die of embarrassment, it would have happened by now. Now whatever it is- it’s just one more thing in a long line of embarrassing things I’ve done.
    • This is a brilliant piece of advice? I dunno if it’s advice really, but it has stuck with me anytime I think I’m doing something dumb or silly that I should be embarrassed about. So thank you!
  • An observatory with a huge telescope.
    • I also added this to my dream house idea. 
  • Have you tried Bold Ginger Ale w/bitters?
    • I have not, but I have been looking for it ever since. 
  • Dont know if this is considered “off the wall”, but have you tried seaband nausea bands?
    • I also have not and honestly forgot about this suggestion, but I’m gonna get some so I can test this next time I get morning tummy. 
  • With every story of yours that I read, I realized we are so much alike. One big noticeable difference…? You are so much braver than me. P.S. I LOVE your dream. ❤
    • We were 100% meant to be friends. 
  • I went through this at 17…my back and shoulders were a mine field of open sores that would scab over until I picked them open again. I had dropped out of college and felt tremendous guilt for leaving and wasting a scholarship my good grades had won. My mother found a psychiatrist for me and I worked through my repressed anger issues talking to him. I also began reading the Bible on my own in secret…the book of Job, not too ironically. My back healed. It took about seven years or so, but the scars disappeared as well. When I’m too worked up or nervous and I am tempted to pick my skin, I put my hands together and basically pray until it passes…and it does pass…which to me, is a miracle.
    • SO MANY PEOPLE reached out to me about this post. And I have to say, it made me feel a lot more human and a lot less embarrassed. Thank you all for being so brave with me. 

Right now I’m at a crossroads. Do I go in and do the work and link to all the posts that the comments are on? Or am I feeling too lazy for that. 

I think I’d rather do that than pack more, though. 

So, in conclusion, thanks for the comments. I read every single one and, once we move, I’m gonna move this site to a more blog-friendly format. Thank you for being patient with me and my brain. 


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