I Can’t Remember This Word to Save My Life

Even now, as I’m writing this blog about this particular word and I can’t remember what it is. 

Is it scratch? Scrump? Skrilla? Squidoodle?!

I couldn’t fucking tell you. 

Let me backup a bit and explain. 

As you may or may not know, we live in a state where marijuana is legal both medically and recreationally. As you also may or may not know, I enjoy conducting kitchen experiments very much. 

I mean, for a while there we were selling lollipops pretty regularly. Once I’d figured out how to make ‘regular’ suckers, I started branching out. 

I experimented until I had a liquor-based lollipop recipe I was happy with. Then I tried to make coffee lollipops. 


Not nearly as easy as my first two “experiments.” Please know that if you ever had the chance to eat one of my “Vietnamese Coffee” or “Santa’s White Christmas” lollipops, they were a true work of love. Each batch would take at least an hour, because I had to babysit the mixture, stirring constantly and slowly raising the heat, so that it didn’t burn or boil over. And I’d only get 36 per batch if I was lucky!

They were so good though, it was worth it. 

Then I tried to make beer lollipops, which took just as long as the coffee ones, but the results weren’t quite as worth it. However, someone requested lollipops using Gulden Draak, a Belgian Trippel and, those, yes, those were worth it. 

And wine lollipops? Welp. Every single time I tried that I burned them, so I stopped experimenting. 

In Florida, I did some light experimentation with making edibles of course. I made baked goods of all kinds, gummis and even failed at lollipops a couple times. But all that was kind of boring to me. 

Then I got a couple things pictured above:

  1. Is my Levo. That’s the turquoise machine in the background. It turns flower or other herbs into butter or oil with very little cleanup. Cleanup is almost always the reason I will not start a project. I hate finishing something awesome and then having to clean up when I am done. That’s why I’m so obsessive about cleaning as I go when I cook. However, this machine means I can cook with infused oil if I wanna!
  2. Is my very spendy grinder. It is food grade stainless steel (or whatever the food safe thing is). Look, I did a lot of research before buying this thing, because I knew I wanted to be able to simmer it, which I do about once a month in heavy whipping cream in order to make coffee creamer. It’s my absolute favorite thing. Just a spoonful or two in a cup of coffee makes me feel like I am the absolute best I can be. All of my everything is firing on all cylinders. However, that grinder simmer cream only lasts a couple days at best, which leads me to 
  3. This bag of skrilla that we got for $30. 

Srumple? Skronk? Stroup? Scratch! It’s gotta be scratch, right? Scruff? Stipple?

There is a block between the right word and my brain, for sure. 

In Florida when I made my creamer, I started getting creative with it, one time making a pecan flavored version and another that was a simple vanilla, but it was very yummy. 

So, now that I have access to decently-priced strimple, I’m gonna start playing around with flavors and strengths and stuff. I’m gonna go into lollipop mode again. I’ve even been keeping notes!

But for the life of me I can’t remember the word for seeds and stems and whatnot to go order it. Hell, I can’t even remember it to tell Mickey I would like to go to the store to procure it. The last conversation sounded like this:

“Hey, you know that word I can’t remember? Skrimple? Strumpet? Smash? Smush?”

Mickey stares at me as I continue.

“Stromp? Skiddlywinks? Scrub? Skaboo? Whatever it is, I’d like to get some more so I can make more creamer.”

Eventually, I tire and give up, because he knows what I mean and then we go to the store and get it, where I have to go through the same thing with the budtender. Except Mickey puts me out of my misery way earlier and tells ’em:

“She means shake.”

Yes, I had to google the word. My brain simply refuses to supply it. 


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