I Can’t Stop Saying “Sis” and Other Tics I Pick Up From TV & Movies

When I say that something is quotable, I mean it more than most people. 

That is because I obsessively quote it for at least two months after discovering something. 

If it’s a particularly “sticky” line, it’ll stay with me for life. 

You can even test it out… next time you see me, as me this question:

“What’s up buttercup?”

I will answer you without thinking. 

And then later on in that same visit, I bet you five dollars or a homemade baked good (you can hold me to this if you know me in real life) that later on in that same interaction I’d say this for no reason:


But really musical sounding. Then you’ll give me side eye and make a dramatic exit, because why the eff are you hanging out with this weirdo?

Look. I dunno. I don’t think I could spend much time around a fully unmasked (in the autism way, not the pandemic way) Jacki. She’s a LOT. Not alot, though. 

I get vocal tics like this from anywhere really. Most recently, I’ve found myself trying to grunt my way through “The Morning Show” theme anytime anyone says the word “morning”. Hell, there was a time where any time I’d even think the word and I’d immediately start grunt-singing. 

I try to stop it, I do, but if you say “First things first” to me, my brain requires me to reply with “I’m the realest”.

Still from Zola (2021)

My favorite movie of 2021 was “Zola”. I haven’t seen all the Oscar contenders yet, full disclosure, but I’ll get there soon enough. I’m gonna watch “Nightmare Alley” tonight and I am so excited

The only movie that even came close to Zola for me was “The Tragedy of MacBeth” but that’s for the time when I do my Jacki-ranking right before the Oscar noms come out. ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. 

But, I’ve picked up a vocal tic from “Zola” and it makes me cringe to type it or even say it, but my brain simply won’t let me ….not do it. 

I’ve started peppering my speech with the word, “Sis!”. 

My favorite way to say it is with the following structure:

“I use too much ______ when I _________, sis!”

I also have just started using it for emphasis. Like, when a Yellowjacket (just finished the show for the second time last night and I am gathering my thoughts, sis) did something stupid in the woods, you’d often find me yelling, “SIS!”

But it’s two syllables and, if you hear me, you know what I mean. It’s a versatile word and I use it to its fullest extent. 

But I’d rather not, honestly. I am annoyed by myself when I say it because it feels really foreign. 

Most of the time I latch on to things in movies and TV that no one else does, so I’ll be mumbling “Hand ME the keys you fucking cocksucker” and everyone else is all “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled…”

And then I’m sad because the Oscar-winning actor in that movie is a terrible shit, but it was the only movie I could think of under pressure. 

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is if you “get” any of my references ever… it’s a big deal to me that I feel in my heart area. 

Oh, and if you ever wonder, “Was that a reference to something?” whenever you hear me say something kind of familiar…

The answer is most likely yes. Just ask me and I’ll word vomit all about it. 



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