I Did Every Single House and Scare Zone at HHN in just over 30 Minutes

I mean, I “did” them virtually, thanks to the suggestion of my friend Molls, but it was a really fun way to spend some time, 

It was especially fun to do it “with” Molls, cause going to HHN was a thing we used to do together pretty frequently. Me, her and another group of girls (and some very select fellas) would spend all day at the parks doing a GDO (Girl’s Day Out) followed by an “open to all our friends” hang at HHN that night. 

(This is us midday through a GDO. I miss those shorts.)

With dinner in between at Margaritavilla beforehand, of course – or the Irish Pub, if we’re staying in the parks. 

We wouldn’t buy express passes so we spent a lot of time in line, most of it asking strangers what their favorite scary movie was. 

And drinking drinks our of blinky cups. They are more festive and make the juice more tasty. I love an HHN blinky cup. 

Then one year, after Mickey and I had been together for a while, we splurged on an RIP tour with a couple of our friends. It has spoiled me for life. We had a guide who gave us inside info about the houses and their storylines, we waited in zero lines. We had access to bars and bathrooms that no one else did. We had preferred seating at the Bill and Ted show. Then, when we had gone through all the houses with our guide, we had express passes for whatever we wanted for the rest of the night. 

Worth every penny. 

So, it was fun to walk through the houses with Molls thanks to the magic of YouTube. 

Would you like to know my quick thoughts on the houses? If not, you can peace out now. Thank you for reading. 

Okay, here we go, in the order I watched them:

The Weeknd House (oh yeah I will not be using their formal names, because I do not know them) – I loved this. It felt more like an art piece than a haunted house, but more than any other one on the list, I wish I could go through it. It felt like I was IN a music video. 

Universal Monsters – The set design and lighting on this one is incredible wow.

Bug House – Terrifying, but the stationary bugs on the wall really took me out of it. They should be moving. 

Candy Scare Zone – Ok, well, first off, I almost always enjoy the scare zones more than the houses proper. This one, THIS ONE, was my favorite of the ones I saw this year. 

Halloween House – I mean it is what it is, but I feel like this one definitely had the best actors. 

1920s House – OMG I miss HHN so much. This one is stupid amazing. The costuming!

Hellblock Horror – Reminded me of 10000000 other HHN houses. Yawn. 

Fisherman’s Wharf – Creative AF and they seem to be trying out some new techniques with this one. 

Chupacabra – Eh, the puppets remind me of American Werewolf in London

Blumhouse – Boring. Why. 

The show with the fire and the pole dancing was also very great and I bet it feels electric there in person. 

If you made it this far and also plan to go to HHN come back to this post on Facebook or Insta or wherever you discover it and tell me how the houses really are in person. 

Thank you very much.


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