I Got My Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan Yesterday

And, y’all, if was a completely different experience than it was in Florida. 

In fact, all day Tuesday we were greeted with so much luck. There is no other word for it. 

However Monday, we planned to wake up early, hit the Hungarian Strudel Shop with some cash and maybe go get me a trike and some other stuff for the house. 

When we arrived, the strudel shop was closed (probably sold out of strudel, honestly) and so was the bike shop. 

Lots of stuff is closed on Mondays up here and it makes Mickey’s current Monday/Tuesday weekends kind of frustrating. However, we did succeed in turning in our cans for cash money! Anyone wanna guess how much we got back after almost a full month in the Professor Haus?

But no matter what we do, we always have fun, because who knows where we’ll end up!

So after striking out at the bike shop and strudel shoppe, we decided to take a mini-road trip to Sanders Candies, aka, home of the Bumpy Cake. We were successful in procuring both a caramel Bumpy Cake, a tiny chocolate Bumpy Cake and some dark chocolate sea salt caramels (an obscene amount for only $5), a dark chocolate peanut butter candy bar and two mystery candies that were impulse buys at the checkout. 

All of it is so good. Well, to be fair we haven’t tried the caramel bumpy cake or the peanut butter candy, but I can only assume they’re delicious based on how incredible everything else from Sanders has been.

Also, I say road trip and when we looked at the map, it seemed like we’d be going on an Orlando – Tampa length trip. But it was less than 30 minutes. It had to be! Everything seems so much closer here somehow. 

Okay, so the Bumpy Cake(s) procured (oh my god why am i talking so much about Monday, that’s not even the day the blog is about), we ate dinner at a place called “O’Connors” because we were recording a new edition of “Your Favorite Episode” with my friend Brendan and my brain said that is where we had to eat there for the story. 

And the story was that I ordered myself an entire pot of mussels in a white wine and garlic sauce. It was served with garlic toast points and I do not regret a damn thing. It was perfection. 

Ok, so then Monday ended and Tuesday started. We had no real agenda other than getting my Michigan Medical Marijuana card and eating at a Coney Island (more on that later). 

So we headed to downtown Allen Park. But could have just as easily headed to Downtown Lincoln Park or, like, five other adorable lil downtown areas in less than 10 minutes. The Professor Haus is so well situated. 

First goal is getting my card so we head to the spot we had meticulously researched, confirming on all of their websites and google maps pages that they were indeed open. 

Plus their logo was a lil green ghostie and that was what swayed my decision making mostly. 

But when we got there we walked around the building twice and didn’t see the green ghostie logo anywhere. 

So I did the very last resort and I called them. They answered and said they only do appointments over the phone nowadays and no longer have an office. 

Well, as a phone-hating human, I do not want to do business with someone who only does business on the phone, so I politely thanked them and panic searched Google Maps. 

Me and Mickey both found the next spot at the same time, so we headed that way. But wait! On the way there, we slid past the Hungarian Strudel Shop (it was directly on the way) and THEY WERE OPEN. 



They had Cherry and Bavarian Cream/Cherry and we got both. Here they are:


Easily, without a doubt, these were in my top 5 desserts of all time. No question.

In fact, that’s what we had for dinner last night. Oops. 

So, strudel procured, we ventured on to the Medical Marijuana Doctor, who we did call first to ensure they were open and actually at the office. 

They were and it was like a doctor’s office from the 80s, same furniture, same plastic clock, same pictures and handmade signs taped to the walls. 

I walked up to the window and gave my name and was greeted like I’d been visiting that office my entire life. But not in that fake-sweet southern way. It felt authentic. 

He gave me three pieces of paper to fill out and took my license to be photocopied and gestured for me to sit down. 

There were about 8 chairs and all but one were empty. Now, I almost always gravitate towards a corner chair because I like being in small spaces. This time was no different. 

HOWEVER, above the chair were not one, but two handwritten notes that simply said, “Sit here.”

So I did. 

I’m dying to know the story behind those signs and I’m so mad I didn’t snap a photo of them, but hopefully they will still be there when I have to renew in 2 years. 

The forms were nothing more than a pretty standard medical history, including a diagram where you could “mark where it hurt.” I answered honestly and brought my form to the window. 

He asked me to check my email to make sure he got me in the system correctly, which he had and he celebrated himself for doing so, then told me that the doctor would be with me soon. 

Five minutes later, I was in a small room across the desk from a doctor who was my age, and had stickers covering the back of his laptop. I complimented his stickers – we even had the same Heisenberg!

He then looked over my forms and asked a couple questions on some of the things I had marked down. Then he asked where we had moved from, I replied Orlando and he said, “I haven’t been there since I was 19 – about 1994!”

I silently congratulated myself for guessing his age correctly. 

Then he said to hand some papers to the fella at the window and I’d have an email with my temporary card by the time I got out of the office. I had it before I even hit the lobby. 

The whole time I was in the doctor’s office, I could hear Mickey and the lobby fella having a big, boisterous conversation.

On the way out, the fella said, “And if she likes flower at all, be sure to take her to that spot I gave you the card for!”

I do like flower, so we added that place to the itinerary, but first – lunch at a Coney Island and a swing by the bike shop, because they are listed as dealers for the trike I wanted. 

We walk in and tell the dood what we want and he takes us to the back (the trikes are always at the back for some reason) where a gorgeous red tricycle sits. One of the two color choices I had pre-picked in my brain. 

And then, the dood says  – I also have this one and gestures towards the mint-colored trike of my dreams. 

Truth be told, I did waffle on the two colors for a while, but the mint just made me happier. 


It was delivered today! It doesn’t have a name yet, and it has 7 gears that I have no idea what to do with. Mickey ordered me a rose gold helmet and bell and a hefty lock and I should be ready to go by this weekend!

After our roaring successes at the bike shop and strudel shoppe, we headed to the weeb shop, which was a whole 20 minutes away, ugh. 

Although, it never FEELS like 20 minutes. Maybe it’s because we’re moving the whole time instead of being stuck in traffic. I dunno.

So we get to the place and, after getting over the initial overwhelm of a new-to-me-place, I took a look at the offerings and realized this place has amazing prices. 

Like, the prices up here are wild compared to Florida. Heck, even compared to Cali or Colorado. I still feel all giddy when they give me my total after having, what I feel like, is a shopping spree. 

But yesterday outdid every other experience in my book. 

I wanted to focus on flower, but I got distracted by the pre-rolls. And let me tell you why that was – because they had ridiculous prices listed that I couldn’t believe, like “15 Garlic Grove Pre-rolls – $30” (GG is one of my top 5 strains for period relief) and “10 High Grade Pre-rolls – $45”.

Of course I got both and a small selection of flower (they let you buy by the gram there and ya girl loves to try a lot of varieties – I left with four) and some edibles. Not that I NEEDED edibles, but a brand I have been wanting to try was 5 for $20 and I can’t buy good regular candy that cheap nowadays. 

Could it get better than this?

Yes, it could.

Because when I got up to the checkout, the lady plops two food service sauce to-go containers in front of me and says, “Since you bought two you get one free. What do you want?”

Thinking she meant just a single pre-roll, I replied, “Oh, whatever hybrid is fine.”

She thought about it a bit and looked at the other product I bought and said, “Oh, Washington Glue will do nicely for you.”

And plopped down another to-go container full of pre-rolls. 10 of them. For free. 

I tried not to audibly react, but it was very difficult. Then she gave me a logo string bag and threw in a king-sized pre-roll and said, “every time you come back you get one of these for a penny!”

I love this place. 

Then, THEN when I got home and was organizing my haul, upon emptying the bag I found shiny stickers! I love stickers.

But then I looked even deeper and saw a pair of socks!!!!! I ALSO LOVE SOCKS!

So, yeah, yesterday was good. And today was good too! I hedgetrimmed for the first time in my LIFE and I don’t think I screwed it up. Can you tell which ones I trimmed?!



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