I Had to Wake Up “Early” Today

Well, “early” for me. That means I woke up at 7:30am and came downstairs to lay on couch until the contractors get here. 

I fell back asleep until I was startled at 9:15 with a piercing doorbell ring. In the Professor Haus there are three possible doors that could be ringing. 

Tried door No. 1: the front door.

No one was there. I quickly ran through the house, while my fingers did the same thing with my hair, smoothing it down and making it feel less wild. 

Luckily I was able to calm it down a bit before reaching the back door, which is where the fellas happened to be. 

The first thing they asked me? How to open the side door. 

Which I did. 

HOWEVER, here is a big mistake I made:

I didn’t wear any shoes. 

The back door is attached to the mud room. 

The floor in the mud room is very icy cold, I guess. Well, now I know for sure. Yes, the floor in the mud room is freezy cold and my feet were like lil popsicles because of it. 

So, I opened the side door and then went to put on some shoes to protect the ice blocks at the end of my legs. 

Then the doods descended into the basement and said it would be very loud for 30 minutes, so I should prepare myself. 

I prepared myself for Mickey waking up due to the noise. This would be a real test of the sound desert that is the room we’re currently sleeping in. 

Welp, the jackhammering is done and it wasn’t even that loud for me in my office, only one floor up from the basement, so my guess is Mickey didn’t hear a thing. 

Ooh, one of the doods just came up and said they had to go get another part – a sack or something because our dirt is too sandy or something. 

So, of course, I snuck down and snapped some pics. 


Oh, I guess I should also tell you what we are doing. They are installing this stuff so that we are not at risk for basement flooding in the future. It’s not been a problem in the past, but we wanted to be safe rather than sorry, before we took the time and effort to finish and decorate the basement. 

They should be done today, so I’ll try to remember to get some pics of the finished product!


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