I Learned a New Phrase This Weekend and I Cannot Remember It

This happens pretty frequently. 

Or, if I don’t forget the word completely, I’ll routinely get it wrong the same way every time. 

Here is kind of an example of that:

Mickey has been playing a soccer game on the Playstation. He’s been doing this for a while.

And I’ve watched it happen. I’ve cheered the goals, the saves and marveled at the green grass. 

I know what soccer is. Like, my brain can recognize it. 

So tell me why, every single time he starts to play, I ask him, “You gonna play golf?”

He ain’t played golf in 6+ months. 

Why does my brain do this?

It is really annoying me right now because the thing it refuses to remember is very important to the purchase of The Professor House.

Yeah, that’s it’s name now and there’s no changing it. 

My new debate is what to call the lil venue at the Professor House. I will give you both options and you can give me feedback. They are not fancy names, so don’t get excited. 

1. The Venue at The Professor House 

Now, I like this one, because it has a secret call back to one of my favorite venues in Orlando. One that upholds the same artist-first mentality that I would like to uphold at our new spot. (I would of course get Blue’s blessing before going with this one.)

2. The Quad at The Professor House

This one has a kitschy campy feel that I really like. I love using a “school” word an because of the oppositeness of a lowercase q and d, I know the logo would look TOIGHT!. 

I dunno. I like both and can make an argument for either. 

OK, so back to these words I can’t remember. 

The Professor House was built in 1909 – it’s an oldie. Like older than me and Mickey combined. 

And we knew that there would be interesting problems when dealing with a house that’s over 100 years old. 

We just didn’t expect them to show up this quickly… although I’m kind of glad they did. 

So, our house has some of the original wiring in it.

This wiring is called “knob and tube” wiring and it was phased out in the 1940s, from what I have been able to research. 

According to our inspector (who was INCREDIBLE – if y’all need a home inspection in the Detroit area, let me know, cause I’ve got a recommendation for you!), this wiring is not desirable because it’s just, like, unfettered electricity just surging on through the wires all willy nilly. 

I mean, she used more official terminology, but that is how my brain interpreted it. 

She said we were lucky they hadn’t finished the ceiling in the basement, though, otherwise we’d have no idea that they were still live. 

See? The house was rewired in 1997, so it has, like, newer wiring in it, but for some reason they didn’t disconnect the knob and tube wiring completely. 

So one of my tasks this week was to find an electrician to get us a quote on disconnecting the knob and tube wiring and making sure it isn’t active anywhere else in the house. 

Cause I have a lot of stuffies and I think they are probably very flame-friendly. 

But my problem was/is (and Stevie can attest to this) that I can’t remember both the word “knob” and the word “tube” and the same time. 

When I explained the situation to Mickey it sounded something like this:

“So, the only big issue is the house has some old wiring in it… knob and…. something. It was rewired before so the wiring isn’t in all the plugs or whatever… Yeah, the inspector found some live tube and…whatever in the basement. She put her special pen up to it and it lit up red. We should get a pen like that. It was neat to see.”

And then when I talked about in person to anyone it was always “knob and…” hand gesture. 

Or “Tube and…” eye roll. 

I started getting really annoyed with my brain because it simply could not recall the words as a combo platter. 

Only a la carte!

And sometimes I’d get so frustrated that I’d fill in the opposite word with something random just to get through the sentence. 

“knob and hose”

“tube and hole”

My brain KNEW there were four letters in both words, so it scrolled through whatever four letter words it felt like remembering until one sounded right enough. 

Well, after contacting about 5 electricians in Michigan, I finally got one to go check it out for me today. Hopefully, it’s an inexpensive disconnect. 


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