I Like a Tight Bed

About 6 months ago I “splurged” and bought myself some very sweet Betsey Johnson sheets. (Or it might have been 18 months or 3 months. Time means nothing to me nowadays.)

I say “splurged” because the sheets were actually very reasonably priced, but they felt like a “splurge” because they are designer. 

It wasn’t so much the money that was the splurge, it was the loud design. 

“Loud” I’m shaking my head as I write this because they aren’t loud at all, they’re black and white striped with tiny hearts. They’re cute and I love them. 

I can’t even remember who pushed this ridiculous agenda on me, but for most of my adult life, I was under the impression that grown ups only had plain sheets.

Solid color? Preferred.

Light colored? Best. 

Tone on tone stripes? Sometimes acceptable. 

So, for most of my grown up life, I’ve had light-colored damask stripe sheets. 

I prefer the stripes because that way I know which way is up and down and which way is side to side when I change them. 

After a few years of living with my fella, I got real ballsy and bought some deep red damask stripe sheets… and waited for the world to end. Or at least someone yell from the hilltops that I am not a real grown up. 

It never happened, so that made it easier to buy these.


I dunno if you can see them but those are tiny red hearts. (and then also say hello to BedTyme Snoopy)

I can never do anything halfway, so “since the sheets were such a good deal” I decided to also get a new, fluffy cooling mattress pad. While I was shopping for the best one of those, I saw these sheet garter things as a recommended item. They were under ten bucks, and I was feeling generous with myself so I treated me. 

To sheet garters. (I am not great at spending money on myself, but I am getting much better at it. It is what it is.)

Y’all. These flipping things were a game changer. Completely eliminated the pop up corners we’d get after a couple days sleeping. 

Also, I’m really weird about things being “balled up” or wrinkled underneath me while I sleep and this helped the sheets stop doing that. 

However, sometimes when it’s sheet changin’ day, I forget the sheet garters exist and get real frustrated that my “parachute method” isn’t working to remove the fitted sheet. 

But then I remember my tight bois are there for a reason. And I thank them for existing. 

The cooling topper is really great too. I’ve started that pre-menopause hot flash/night sweat combo and it’s easier to deal with now. 

If you would like anything that I mention in this post, here are the links. Full disclosure that, should you purchase something from one of these links, Daddy Bezos with give me some money. Not a lot though.  

(this feels a bit squicky, but I mean, I love sharing the things I love and if I can do that and then turn around and buy more things to love and share? That works for me.)


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