I Live for Soup Lunch

It’s my new favorite thing. 

In fact, some days, it is the highlight of my day. 

Mostly when it’s potato and bacon soup day. 

Soup Lunch is pretty self explanatory, but I wanted to share it with you anyways. 

Basically, Mickey is working nights so lunch is the only meal we share together on a regular basis. During these cold dark months of winter and snow times, we have been having soup for lunch more often than not. 

With a whole bunch of mini oyster crackers, too, of course.

Like I said, the concept of Soup Lunch is pretty damn self explanatory. 

However, it brings me that a whole bunch of simple joy every single day. 

Right now I’ve been working in pre-made soups exclusively and have had some real bangers. 

There are other times when the soup is just kind of bland, but I have some secret weapons here that I use to jazz things up. 

(my biggest secret weapon is garlic, of course.)

Plus, it warms up my insides. 

AND makes me have happy cheeks. 

I know soup lunch seems like a really silly thing to write an entire blog about – and I agree! It is!

But you know what? I’m trying to get my brain back into the practice of writing regularly and this is what it chose to write about. 

With everything going on this year with Logan needing a surprise heart transplant, my year of writing got majorly derailed. And that’s okay! Things happen and my energy just needed to be redirected for a while. 

However, now, things seem to be on a more stable path. Logan’s got the turbo pump in his heart, the infection in his lung was cut out this week and he’s on the road to recovery, AKA on the heart transplant list as soon as he’s done healing all the way. Please donate to his heart transplant fund if you are able/feel so inclined.

So, now I’m sliding back in kind of gently, with a post about enjoying soup lunch.

Now, at home, my favorite brand has been “Home Chef.” And my favorite soup has been the aforementioned potato and bacon. 

WI eat soup all the time when we go out to eat now too. It started at all the Polish restaurants here in Detroit, way before it even got cold out!

I mean, you can’t go into a Polish restaurant and NOT get dill pickle soup, right? No, you cannot. I mean, I cannot at least. 

And then I discovered Czarnina at this Polish spot located in the basement of a building. It’s duck blood soup and when I say it makes me zoomy, I am not exaggerating. 

I’m 99% sure I’m rocking an iron deficiency of sorts, because the zoomies happen whenever I have blood soup of any origin. That’s another thing to know about me, I guess. If there’s blood soup on the menu, I’m ordering. 

I first discovered my love for blood soup on my birthday one year when I ordered Dinuguan from a spot specializing in Filipino cuisine. It was so rich and hearty that I vowed to order blood soup where ever I saw it on a menu. 

So, yeah, I google every soup before I order it. 

Yesterday, we went to a Greek restaurant and I ordered soup of course. Didn’t even know what kind of soup I’d be getting, I just ordered it. 

When it arrived, it was delicious but I still didn’t know what I was eating. Didn’t matter; it was yummy. 

I was halfway through the bowl before I even asked. 

It was chicken lemon rice. 

What’s your favorite soup? Tell me about it – I’m open to recipes too!!!


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