I Make a Mean ‘Lazy’ Pasta Sauce

I don’t know if “lazy” is the exact right word. Maybe “progressive” is better. 

Let me explain. 

First off, I’ll know immediately in the morning if I’m gonna cook that night by how much I feel like cleaning up the kitchen in the morning. 

Some days, I’ll look at it when I stumble out of the bedroom with hair swirling all about my head and think to myself, “Nope, not today. I don’t have it in me.”

Those days, I know I’m ordering in, or if I get a burst at the end of the day, making a frozen pizza. 

I used to beat myself up about this a lot. But therapy has helped me get over it to some degree. 

Sometimes I still get a “failure pang” though. 

But I don’t want to talk about failure today! I want to talk about my pasta successes. 

So, the days I *do* wake up and clean the kitchen, I immediately start noodling on what I want to cook for dinner that night. 

And, yes, more often than not, my answer has been noodles. 

Then I’ll do some work while I think about what else I have on hand that could make for an outstanding pasta. This often involves me getting up multiple times to peek at what we have in the kitchen, cause my aphantasia brain can’t picture it for itself.

Then, I’ll swirl some olive oil or melt some butter (Or if I’m feeling cheeky, fry up some bacon) in a pan at about 1pm and chop up some onions. 

I’ll cook ’em slowly until the house starts smelling all good, then I’ll see what hits me next. 

Garlic, of course!

Then as the day progresses the sauce slowly takes shape with me adding variously things from my weekly produce box every time I flit through the kitchen until I add the final ingredient when the noods are done. 

Starchy, starchy pasta water. This is my favorite step, because I love watching the sauce come together like magic. It’s a cooking miracle every single time in my eyes. 

Then I add top it off with some cheese and get my noms on. 

Some days I eat at 5pm. Some days not until almost 9. I mean, I gotta wait til the sauce is done!

Here’s last night’s pasta, right before I plated it in my rainbowl. 


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