I Round The Corner to the Living Room This Morning and…

…this is what I see. 

 Chup the yellow Squishmallow looking at his friends

Now, I was alone last night and Chup (that is the yellow chick pictured above, talking to all the other stuffies) was my couch cuddle bud last night, so I have no idea how he ended up speechifying to the other stuffies by the time I woke up this morning. 

Chup is kind of the de facto living room leader when Travis is out of town.

Yeah, there are more senior stuffies than Chup, but they have retired to Lamp Land, where they are chilling next to my Vonnegut and Herman saint candles and my new modern day lava lamp.

Robert swears he was here before me, before Mickey, even, but I remember when he arrived. He can’t fool me. 

Chup is the stuffie the rest of the gang depends on for moral support a lot. 

So I bet he was telling them something very impassioned and important.

And immediately my imagination went into overdrive, considering every possible option that could be happening if this was a stop motion animation film and not real life. 

Wanna know my favorite scenario? I’ma tell it to you anyway. 

Chup was giving the other stuffies a pep talk that sounded something like this:

“Now, my stuffie friends, I know I’ve called you into a very early meeting this morning, but we have something to discuss…

And from there it branches into a million little micro stories:

  • One of the stuffies has been accused of a crime
  • Ginger is trying to get them to do another play again
  • Krumples has gone missing, AGAIN, and they are organizing a search party
  • Tag gang is trying to start up their old beefs again

But what I settled on is this:

Chup is giving the stuffies a pep talk to remind them why they exist (to bring Jacki comfort) and that Jacki might need a little bit more comfort right now because Mickey and Travis are out of town and things might be changing and she got a sad work news and she can’t figure out what show to watch next and she doesn’t know how to cook bok choy and she is PMS-ing very hard and would like some melty cheese. 

So, Chup was telling them that they might get used more than normal for a few days. And reminded them that they live a leisurely life 95% of the time and now? Now it’s their time to shine. 

Or at least that’s what I’d like to think. 

And, yes, I know what really happened is that Chup fell down and rolled over there randomly when I stumbled from the couch to the bed in the middle of the night, 

But I like my story better. 

Chup do be rollin’, though. 



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