I Understand Why Dumbwaiters are a Thing Now

The Professor Haus is three stories. 

Shit, four if you count the attic. However, for the purposes of this blog, I will not count the attic. 

Why is that? Well, that is because the attic is currently unfinished and there’s no laundry in there. 

Cause this post is a laundry post. All about lugging the dirty and clean up and down three flights of stairs every single time things get washed. 

I think a dumbwaiter would make this easier.

And plus it would give me a creepy place to hide in the case of intruders that might want to knife violence me. I’ve spent my entire life shrinking into myself, so I think I could easily make myself fit into a dumbwaiter. 

I’ve also watched enough spoopy movies to know better than to breathe all heavy and make noises and shit. I’ve prepared for this eventuality both mentally and physically. 

What I did not prepare myself for was carrying my weighted blanket up and down three flights of stairs every time I have to wash it! I mean, it was an ask for me to get it from the bedroom to the laundry room in the old Florida house and there were zero stairs involved. 

I’m not weak or anything. I’m just really lazy with noodle arms. 

So what I’m saying is, I understand why houses like this had dumbwaiters. 

Ours, unfortunately, does not. 

This is something I wouldn’t have even considered when buying this house because, welp, I haven’t had a house with more than one story since I was a kid. 

And at that time, there was only one set of stairs between me and my laundry. 

Now, it’s down two sets of stairs and then back up two sets. 

We do, however, have a laundry chute! It goes from the closet in the Princess TV Guest Room all the way down to a secret door in the laundry room.

My brain tells me not to use it, though. Why? Who knows.

We tested it! It works. Mickey’s pants landed in the laundry room with zero issues. 

Unless you count being dusty AF as an issue. Cause there was a metric ton of dust in that laundry chute. 

Probably still is, minus whatever dust came off on the pants we threw down the chute. 

I think the dust must be what’s keeping me from using it. Plus being afraid that I’d lose a favorite sock or something. 

I mean, if I can wrap my brain around using the chute, that’s half of my problem solved. 

I have a confession about the other half of my problem, too. It is mostly solved.

Because here is what I do. 

I time the laundry so Mickey can bring it up for me when he is getting ready for work. I’ll yell down the stairs at him while he’s going down to shower and say, “Hey can you bring the laundry up? It’s in the dryer all clean and stuff.”

And he says yes. And then I don’t have to struggle with my awkward noodle arms. 

See, y’all?! See? I am doing so much better at asking for and accepting help now!!! I might be a little bit proud of me. <3


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