I Watch Netflix’s Brand New Series “The Mole” – Episodes 3, 4 & 5

Of course, spoilers. 

Here is part 1 with my stream of consciousness about episodes 1 & 2 of Netflix’s new season of “The Mole,” just in case you missed it. 

Episode 3:

Do not like this editing AT ALL. Especially in a binge situation, which is what even Netflix itself said it wants its users to do, based on its success with “Dahmer”.

Ooh, even if I was protected from elimination, I think I’d still want to take the quiz. I feel like I’d miss out on something otherwise. 

Ooh, at least my girl Avori is safe. 

Oh boy lets go to the dumb phones again. Bleh. 

Haha ha. “Execution!” That’s what they used to call the elimination in the hard core original Mole. 

The host talks too slow, but it does not build tension.

Oooh, let’s not overthink THAT much that early, Joi. I want you to be here for a bit still. 

Okay, YES, Casey, observation is the KEY to this game. Keep talkin’ girl. 

Another fucking resisting temptation challenge?! ALREADY?!

Ugh, come ON, let’s get creative, y’all. PLEASE. 

Ok, also, I feel like they repeat thing so much. “We won’t reveal if you won the dossier money until the quiz!”

They said this, like, 6 times. Overkill. 

Okay, I love watching the contestants trying to separate themselves into teams. I think you can learn about them this way, based both on what they say to their fellow contestants, but then also what they say in their spliced in confessionals. You’ll learn a lot about what drives them and what their motivations are. 

Oh no someone got hurt. They can’t possibly be the mole!

DID THEY NOT SEE SEASON 1?! Just saying. 

Not gonna lie, I kind of spaced out on this episode so far because I am also arting. 

Another elimination. I guess that means another terrible editing choice. 

Oh and the reveal from the “Moral Dilemma”.

Oh shit who looked?!

Let’s find out.

Holy shit – is this gonna be more immunities?

Fuck I hope not.

I am not surprised Avori looked. 


Episode 4:

Ok, why would ANYONE bet that much?!

Holy fuck and they lost it.

I would be SO PISSED.

Hahahaa. They have $3500 in the pot. Dear lord. What a mess.

Oh god and now the elimination?! I hate it when I can’t get the rhythm of a show.

I feel like there is almost more drama talking than there is gameplay. 

Why the fuck is this one any harder than anyone else? You’ve given me no reason to like anyone really. 

I am even bored at Avori now. 

Ugh now they are fucking with an old contestant? Lazy. 

Okay, but this is kind of an interesting way to bring back an old competitor. Especially with their pot being this low. 

Now Sandy is giving me Mole vibes. Especially with the way she talks in her confessionals. She seems to have a real rapport with her producers. 

But then she seems to be playing it almost “too cool” with the other contestants. 

Ugh are they gonna do a bank robbery thing now? Why does everything have to be a thing?! Did they even watch the old ones?

I mean, if they wanted to make a similar show without the heart of the original, they should have just given it a different name. 

Again, Netflix, let me help you. I know you have some good folks in your reality department – the ones who developed this show are not them.

Again the contestants are focused more on “intel” than earning money for the pot. I know they need to figure out the Mole to stay in the game, but what’s the point if there’s no money at the end. They all talk about wanting to win for the money, so it’s not like they’re playing for the love of the game.

The contestants always keep repeating this phrase, “You can’t trust anybody in this game.” Like, duh. That’s kind of the point, so I honestly don’t know why they are trying.  

Oooh, this log book challenge is a pattern lover’s dream. This is where I feel I would shine in this game. 

Okay, no I still like Avori.

Hahaha. “I am not rich enough to know how to do these” re: safety deposit boxes. Me neither dood. 

Omg watching them try to figure out some this safety deposit puzzle is painful. Holy shit. 

They are really pushing the booze in this show, too, but that’s a carry over from the original. They talk about it differently, like “needing” a stiff drink after the bank heist. 

Drinking is so pervasive and accepted in TV and movies – even celebrated a lot of times, just look a “Cougartown”. But the destructive parts of it are very rarely shown along with the good times, or they’re shown with little to no long-lasting consequences, or consequences that seem cartoonish enough so that If you don’t suffer them, you’re doing “okay” and not “drinking to excess”. 

I dunno, this has been on my mind a lot. 

They just edited it weirdly again and I’m done with episode 4. I don’t feel like starting another blog post, so I’ll just keep going.

Episode 5

I have moved to the corner couch in my lil quarantine office. I have my cozy coze blanket and Tique Snoopy, who is QuaranTiquing with me, thanks to Mickey’s quick thinking that I’d need a Snoopy companion to cuddle with before going to bed, where Bed Snoopy awaits me.

I can just keep babbling because they are just talking about the money they did or didn’t own. They are not doing well monetarily. 

Now another quiz randomly. I hate this. 

I wonder if there is a reason they switched from the green of this original branding to the red. It seems more aggressive and less intelligent somehow.

I really hate this dumb smart phone change, though. Like, I don’t get WHY. I don’t mind changes if it improves or enhances the show. Hell, I wouldn’t mind a change like that if it were motivated by product placement. 

But that ain’t it, because Apple famously will not let its phones be used for villains, so one person using an Android would be pretty dang obvious. 

All of these complaints aside, Australia looks gorgeous. 

Holy shit if this is a fucking train heist I will riot. 

They should have just called this show “Heist!”.

Okay, no, this is a “mail run”. These challenges feel too packaged and not enough fun. It feels almost like some rejected Amazing Race things. 

I mean, yeah, Greg. Me too. I also really wanna go on the train.

I think I will go get some Kit Kats instead. BRB. 

I am really into Kit Kats right now. Also Frooties because we bought a giant bag the other day and I can’t stop eating them. 

Jesus Christ they are still picking teams. But they aren’t saying anything interesting this time. 

Okay, this train challenge seems so fun. 

Oh you know what else is missing? The host taunting the contestants from the road. I love that part!

Hmm, this walking group seems to be getting a bit interesting. Is Avori TRYING to pretend she is the mole?

Ugh, I’m gonna have to do a deep dive on the showrunners and stuff once this is all over. I’m really curious what they did in the past. I’d bet they are young. 

Oh no, Kai’s knocked the mail down. I don’t find it to be sus though. Seemed like a legit accident. 

I also don’t feel any real sabotage with the walking group. 

Okay, Greg is so good at securing the bag from the train. I guess this dood is growing on me. 

Now this no-map-reading chick that keeps finding herself in map reading situations. Now she seems sus. 

This should be a very stressful part of the show while we see if people made it or not, but it was such a non-event. So boring. 

At least they won $11k. 

Okay, this lunch bomb is interesting. Let’s see if we get something original finally. 


Okay, I like this as a challenge. 


Let’s see what happens next… later. 







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