I Wrote an Entire Blog Post & The Internet Ate It

It was about tap dancing and I’ll rewrite it at some point, but that point is not today. 

I am officially frustrated now and my focus needs to switch to something else, because I know if I try to write the beautiful blog about tap dancing and tap dancing Janis and this one teacher we had who wanted an Intermediate dance class do actual Broadway choreo and wonder why it wasn’t perfect all the time loudly at us, it would be a pale shadow of what I wrote this afternoon.

So instead you’ll get a small general life update. 

We still live in Michigan, in the Professor House. 

I still love it up here. A lot. 

Yesterday, we ate at a Mexican restaurant in Mexicantown and now my new goal is to eat at every single dang restaurant in Mexicantown. I ordered refried beans and chorizo for my meal yesterday and it was a delightful treat. 

I am very excited to see what other magic I discover in all the other spots in Mexicantown. 

Oh! I went to a different open mic with KPerks on Monday and saw a lot of the same comics. This one was GIGANTIC, though. 

No lie, it started at 7pm and, when we left at 10-ish, they said they still had, like, 20 comics on the list. 

Someone there recognized me from our “normal” open mic, so I had to talk to a stranger which was not my favorite thing to do. But I met someone named “Breezee” and I think that is a pretty cool name. 

And then Wednesday? When we went to our “normal” open mic, people from the Monday open mic recognized me and then we had to talk to more strangers. 

Lotsa stranger talking this week. But we also met a comic with the last name of Wolf and I am a big fan of Wolfs, so that’s a win in my book. 

A few more things, then I’ll wrap this up because I have to refill the picnic table before Rube shows up.

That is one of the things – a squirrel update!

I have two regular visitors: Rube and Ruby. 

I panic-named Ruby because one day I was out here waiting on Rube and this other squirrel showed up and Mickey exclaimed, “Ruby!”… So here we are. Ruby only shows up randomly, though. Me and Rube, however, I think we have a standing date. 

Everyday like clockwork at around 4pm (if I’m looking) or 7pm, Rube shows up. 

We had slowly been dwindling peanuts and grapes, so one day I just gave him a table full of grapes and he wasn’t into it much. I went inside and he peeped in the windows and then, when he realized I had no nuts, he went at gorged himself on the grapes. 

Then yesterday, I didn’t have anything and was getting ready to head out front for some stoop time and Rube was WAITING for me. Like right by the door. I set out the picnic table with its corn log (p.s. is anyone else on Corn TikTok?) and he sniffed at it and looked at me. 

Sniffed it again and looked at me. 

Then snuck closer up to me and looked at me again. 

I said, “That’s all for today,” gesturing at the table.

He walked over and nibbled at it and walked back even closer to me, obviously looking for nuts. 

I had none, so I went inside and let him get comfortable with the corn log (It has the JUICE!). 

Today, I am sitting out here with a feast! Fresh peanuts, walnuts, grapes and cherries!

I’ve already been visited by Ruby and I have to refill the table before Rube time. 

Okay, this is getting longer than expected given how annoyed I was. And you know what? I’m a lot less annoyed now. I think if I had just stopped writing for today out of frustration instead of talking about it here in the blog, I would still have an angry cloud raining on my head and I’d be miserable for the rest of the day. So, thanks for reading. 

I will be quick with these last two things. 

Thing #1: We can get weekly deliveries of milk and eggs and butter and cream and other staples from a local dairy. They come in a milk truck and deliver in glass bottles and I am delighted and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Or experience this old fashioned wonder for the first time!!! I think I can even get Bumpy Cake delivered. 

Thing #2: We purchased a motorcycle. The only photo I have of it is from beReal (seriously this app is still the highlight of my day everyday) so here it is. 

It is a Honda Valkyrie and we accidentally matched the house. But it was an amazing one-owner, same mechanic it’s entire life (actually the same mechanic we will be taking it to whenever it needs maintenance) and it has a windshield, backseat and backrest and stylish saddlebags!

Wouldn’t a sidecar look so cute with it?


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