If You’re Not Buying Your Shoes at a Skate Shop, What is Your Life?

Gotdang that subject line is aggressive, ain’t it?

But I wrote it while still on that high of buying two really cute pairs of shoes for under $50. 

Shoes that will last me freaking YEARS. 

That is no exaggeration. The pair I’m retiring to “yard shoes” I also bought at a skate shop, like, 5 years ago. 

They were red, black and grey high top nikes with very subtle paint splotches on them. (the shoes were dark matte grey and the splotches were shiny black). They were one of my most frequent wearin’ around shoes. 

I walked all over Colorado, Texas, California, and Michigan with them. And Florida I guess, too, but it was just too hot to walk so I didn’t even consider it. 

At one point I added some independent arch support because, as previously established, I used ’em a lot. 

But the sole is all worn down and my feet hurt every time I wear them now so I thought it was time to retire them. 

To yard shoes, at the very least. 

The thing is – on the outside, they still look near brand new. Skate shoes are made for rough liivn’ is what I’m saying, I guess. 

I mean, it makes sense. 

So the other day we went looking for a skate shop so I could get some new shoes. 

We found one and it was run by two former roller derby girls. Don’t get me wrong, they still had all the skateboarding decks and tape and wheels and shoes and socks and everything else we had been expecting. 

It just meant that they also had some really sweet roller skates that I drooled over quickly and moved on, because I gotta conquer my trike this year. Maybe next year I’ll add skatin’. 

I love shopping for shoes at the skate shop because they always have a lot to choose from because my size doesn’t sell very well in dood shoes. Yay for me. 

Oh shit, I guess I didn’t mention that they are almost always having incredible clearance sales in the back. I’m talking $100-$200 shoes for, like, $25. 

It’s been a gold mine every single time for me. 

This time was no different. I left with two pairs of shoes and one pair of laces. 

One pair Mickey grabbed and put aside for me immediately because they were both my size and within the Jack White rainbow. 

Here they are:

Since much of my wardrobe that I enjoy wearing a lot is also within the Jack White Rainbow, they will match a lot of stuff that I wear. A lot of my socks, for sure. 

And then the rest of my wardrobe either trends towards violently pink or rainbow, or all black so I also got these. 

As you can see I was in the middle of upgrading the laces on these to make the shoes more kicky and I think it really works. 

So I guess in addition to showing you my cute shoes, I also wanted to give y’all a hot tip that I definitely wouldn’t have known about had Mickey’s youngest son been into skateboarding. These shoes and laces – were like $60. For two pairs of shoes that are gonna last me for a very long time. 

And then I definitely would have never made it to the skate shop where we bought these shoes where the two derby girls were 100% dressing down a wannabe skateboarding duo of bros as they tried to buy tape for their new boards. 

The chick that they were shopping with couldn’t help but egg on the shopowners. 

It was a good time to be alive. I only wish my brain remembered more (read: any) of what was said. 

I have to go now because we are going to a Hungarian Restaurant for dinner (just over 5 miles away from the Professor Haus) and I am feeling very cute because I wore curlers in my hair last night when I was asleep for no reason and I am wearing two different types of stripes today (socks – black and rainbow, top- pastel rainbow and fuzzy).

Wtf is this, a fit check?


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