In this House We Eat Dessert on Betsy Ross Plates

No exceptions.

I mean if there are more than two people here, I have to make exceptions, but I bought some fun rainbow plates for those times. 

These Betsy Ross plates are very important to me though. 

In 2010, I was still married. Had a different last name, a full body mask and a huge inferiority complex. 

Obviously it wasn’t the greatest time in my life, but also obviously I ain’t living that life anymore. 

Before moving to Orlando, D and I lived on our own in Palm Bay for a year. We had a small yellow house and before we moved out I let the grass grow way too high. 

Like almost waist high on me. It was bad. My back door neighbor was my “lawn service” and I just got too awkward to ask them to cut it, so when I knew I was moving… I just didn’t ask anymore. 

Obviously, I didn’t get my security deposit back, lol. Our cat was not kind to the carpet, either. 

When we moved in, one of the first rooms I unpacked was the kitchen. All of the cabinets were empty, save for the one above the stove. 

I opened it and got up on my tippy toes and couldn’t even peek in because I am so dang short, but my hands could feel around (I actually hate doing this. My brain is very creative in coming up with terrifying scenarios in these situations). 

My hands didn’t get snapped off by an errant baby alligator, but they did come back with two gold rimmed plates. 

 setalP RossssoR BetsyystseB

Someone really loved Betsy Ross. Also, the cookies are by me and the delicious banana bread by my friend Stevie. 

One plate is an Avon special and the other is indeterminate but on the back it says “Made in Japan. For decorative use only. Do not use to serve food.”

Real talk: I never read the back of the plates before and now I wonder if I’ve slowly been poisoning myself when I eat dessert? But then it’s probably just to preserve the integrity of the design. 

Right?! RIGHT?! 

I let the person I was renting from know that I found them, but no one ever claimed them. So I did. 

And I dunno, ever since I’ve found them they’ve kind of represented a kind of freedom to me. 

For a long time I kept them up in a cabinet to save them for… collecting reasons?

Whatever reason, I got over it and now they are our dessert plates. 


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