Last Year, We Got a Lawn Care Upgrade

We recently had our pool resurfaced and so part of my new daily routine is going out there once a day and brushing the eff out of it. It is supposed to prevent calcium buildup (?) or something? I forgot already why I am supposed to do it for three months, just that it is very important for the health of our pool floor-and-walls. 

It’s normally the first thing I do every morning. I’ll grab my little red speaker, play Killer Shangri-La by Psychotic Beats and get to scrubbing. 

Yesterday, I was a little bit late getting outside. Our lawn folks were there and my brain is really weird about anyone, like, seeing me do things? I dunno. It’s something I’m working through, but It’s weird and I can’t make sense of it. 

But that’s what therapy is for, I guess. 

Well, yesterday, I walked outside to the pool and was at first puzzled, because the broken down metal chair that no one should ever sit on was not in its normal place. 

Then I noticed that there was, like, a dirt shadow where concrete block that I couldn’t recall the source of usually sits. 

Shadow of a brick

I kept noticing things until I finally noticed all the leaves were gone. 

We have a screen structure, but no actual screens on the top due to a storm, so there were a LOT of dry leaves. 

When I finally forced my brain to stop noticing the details and look at the big picture, I legitimately got teary eyed. 

These leaves have been weighing on me for a long time. I’m out there every day, so I see how junky they make the pool area look, but I just couldn’t bring myself to sweep them. Again, it was some weird mental block that I’ll work through in therapy. 

Now, I’m ready to start throwing away old metal chairs and finding new homes for concrete blocks and making the whole area look like a place people other than me want to actually be. 

The whole yard has been a big undertaking over the past year. Our normal lawn fella who we had been using for almost 10 years retired and the first people we tried to replace them were faced with all kinds of trauma and drama, so they quit the biz as well. 

Then one day when I was on one of my walks last year, I spied a sign stapled to a  light pole that was real simple, just “LAWN CARE” + a phone number. So I texted it. Screw talking on the telephone. 

And, y’all, I am not lying or exaggerating when I say these folks have been a godsend. (I just realized how weird it feels for me to use that word.) 

They have completely transformed our yard. In the (almost) year since we started working with them, they have:

  • Tamed the out of control flower beds in front of the house
  • Cleared out all the scrubs and nonsense from the backyard
  • Brought our grass back to life in a way I absolutely was not expecting
  • Cleaned out all of our gutters (this was a HUGE job, there were literal trees growing in the gutters in back)
  • Cut branches off trees that were hanging so annoyingly
  • Made our fancy palm tree in the front stop looking like an actual defense system
  • Helped us find someone to install a fence

And these are only the things my brain can remember at this time. There is so much more. 

So, if you know me, you know when I truly love something I want to share it with everyone and my lawn people are no exception. 

Duclerc Landscaping LLC

Consider this my introduction. 

If you’re looking for a solid lawn crew in Orlando, give ’em a shot! You will not be disappointed. 

And I haven’t yet had to talk to them on the phone. Texting only, baybee!


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