Mad Men: A Thing Like That…

When I decided to sell shirts based on TV and movies, there was no question in my mind about what TV show would be my first.

“Mad Men”.

Now, I am not exaggerating at all when I say that I’ve watched every episode of “Mad Men” at least 10 times, if not closer to 20. It’s been an impactful show on my life since the first swells of the iconic theme song to the final commercial, which, in my opinion was a pretty perfect ending to a pretty perfect series.

I knew immediately what phrase I wanted to feature and honestly surprised myself because it was from the bitch faciest of all bitch face characters ever: Peter Campbell.

It was a phrase that I thought encapsulated the entire feel of the series for me and I was honestly kind of annoyed that it came from the annoying and whiny Pete Campbell.

The phrase? I mean you read the title! =)

“A thing like that.”

I had a ‘vision’ in my head of what this shirt would look like. I wanted to include a “chip & dip” because that is the other iconic Pete Campbell item in my brain.

So I tried to art what was in my head. It… didn’t work. It’s weird to explain what happens in my brain when I get inspiration. It’s like I know the concept I want to see, but I can’t imagine it or picture it in my head, but I know when it’s not right when I see it in real life.

I am gonna share my original art here. It’s bad, y’all. But it got me to where I landed.

A THing Like That Art

(I also did a similarly terrible arting for my Louis Prima t-shirt, but that one is even more embarrassing. Maybe I will share it in my newsletter one day.)

I wanted the tomatoes and leaves to be evocative of the chip & dip, but not literal.

After trying to create something that lived up to what I wanted roughly one million times, I hired a professional… Laura Sanders.

We did a call about the art and she convinced me I needed to make the chip & dip literal, and I eventually agreed, especially when she said the dip holders could cup the tiddies in the way she envisioned this going down.

So we went through a few versions and landed on this one.

It's a Chip & Dip T-Shirt - Mad Men Design - Mad Men Fashion

I wore mine the other day and it does indeed cup the tiddies nicely.

You’ll see that we went 100% in on the chip & dip and abandoned the “A Thing Like That” phrase. And I’m okay with it. I quote this dang line all the time.

It kind of weirds me out that good ol Yeet Campbell is my most quoteable mad man.

If you would also like your tiddies cupped by this lovely shirt, buy it here. This is the unisex one, but also the one I purchased, because I definitely wanted it on yellow, cause it POPS. (there are other color options too)

If you want a  slimmer cut, here is the “ladies” version.

And if you don’t want a Chip & Dip on your chest, I also offer this design in a cool-ass enamel mug.

I designed my own shirts for February, y’all. And I am really excited to share them with you.

Maybe this time I won’t wait so long to talk about ’em, but honestly it feels weird to ask for sales, but how else would I get them?


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