Making Folks Shine + My 2022: Planned!

2021 was wild, man. 

I started out the year working for a small chain of stores, the only member of the marketing team. It was a lot of work, but I really loved the work I was doing and the community I was serving, so I didn’t mind too much. 

Then in March, I got an amazing opportunity to help launch an online sex ed school and I jumped at the opportunity. It was scary AF to leave the comfort of the place I’d worked for 6+ years, but it was definitely time. 

I spent the next few months helping to set up the school and getting the blog/newsletter going on a regular rhythm.  Then, I decided I wanted to do that for other folks too. 

Not always setting up a “Sexy Ed School” but helping folks figure out how they shine best and putting them on a path to shine brighter. 

Slingshot Planner

For almost ten years now, this is what has been keeping me organized. I would DIE for my Slingshot Planner. 

My first one was bought on a whim from Park Ave CDs here in Orlando. I’d always used a paper planner up til then, but normally they’d be like whatever show or inspirational thing I was into at any given time. 

Now we save that for our wall calendars. Last year was Schitt’s Creek and this year is Always Sunny… but only because they don’t make a P-Valley calendar yet. 

My brain is all over the place today, but here’s why I love the Slingshot planner above all other planners:

  1. I can open it up and have an entire week at my disposal, with lots of white space for task listin’. 
  2. Each week features art from a different artist. 
  3. Each DAY has different historical events listed. 
  4. There is a menstrual calendar included in the planner!
  5. It is filled with all kinds of knowledge, tips and tricks for the radical citizen, which, I guess, is what I am. 

I’ve learned so much from this planner every year and it keeps me more organized than any digital option I’ve tried. 

So I stopped trying and just embraced the Slingshot. 


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