Medical Marijuana Card – I Did It!

Medical Marijuana has been legal in Florida for almost *exactly* 7 years. That is *exactly* how long it took me to wade through my anxiety and end up in a situation where I felt like I could navigate the system and not fuck it up. 

And it was really just luck, honestly. I worked with a doctor for a completely different purpose during my day job and she just happened to be a medical marijuana doctor. After working with her for a bit, I finally felt comfortable enough to ask her if I could do an appointment through her and asked her the things I’d need. 

See, I am not much one for going to the doctor on the regular, so I didn’t have any *official* diagnoses… aside from lady troubles, but that seems pretty universal and honestly, I feel weak and have shame for using those as an “excuse”.

However, I had started going to therapy earlier in the year, and welp, we had no trouble coming up with diagnoses. Between autism, OCD, and, the weirdest of all, aphantasia, I was covered. The official diagnoses my therapist and I agreed upon was “excoriation” which is a skin picking disorder that co-presents with my OCD. This is something that causes me GREAT shame (and the reason I made tallsox part of my permanent style) and has practically my entire life. Like, it was one of the last things I ~*spicy revealed*~ to my partner. Like, I am getting weird cold sweats just typing about it. 

So, armed with the letter from my therapist and a safe space to apply for my card… I… waited. I was still pretty intimidated. I am a lady in her early 40s who was raised in the D.A.R.E. age, so I had a lot of mental blocks to overcome I guess. 

One morning, I woke up and thought, “I am making my appointment today!” So I sent an awkward email to the office and made one for later that week. I was lucky in that my appointment was virtual and very straightforward. I had nothing to be afraid of or worried about. It took about 30 minutes and I closed the Zoom window and opened up a new one… one where I could stalk obsessively (OCD represent) to see the instant my card was officially approved. 

It took 8 days exactly. Weekends included. And was quickly followed by a “First-Timer’s Trip” with my “twin” but that’s a story for another blog. 


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