Meet Ginger: Our Most Annoying Stuffie

Of course, we love her anyway. 

She even has a place of honor in the rotunda of the Professor Haus, where she hangs with our other “annoying” stuffie Karen Hausman. 

Karen’s the hippo. Ginger’s the ging- I mean, you know which one Ginger is, right?

Karen is annoying because she has taken on the persona of her namesake, a British TikToker living her best life in Temecula, California: drinking on the daily, always somewhere new, yelling at Alexa while asking her to play “Lil Nas X” and then complaining when TikTok mutes the sound, but don’t worry – she dances anyway.

Oh and she’s also in love with Ryan Seacrest. 

But what I guess I’m saying is – Karen Hausman is a LOT to be around 24/7 and the other stuffies have requested she stay in the rotunda until she can calm down. 

Ginger is annoying for different reasons. She’s been here forever. Like, she’s one of the OG stuffies that were here long before I felt safe talking about them.

We rescued her around the holidays years ago. We were at one of my corporate holiday parties (at a dive bar) and a coworker rescued Ginger from a claw machine. 

And when I say rescue, I am not exaggerating. This particular co-worker was a legit savant at the claw machine. She rescued so many stuffies that day that she didn’t know what to do with them.

Obviously, Ginger came home with me.

Way back then I only had Row Bear, Travis Snoopy and BedTyme Snoopy. And we only got BedTyme only purchased because we put a shirt and jacket on Travis and he turned grey and we couldn’t clean him up. Now Bedtyme has the longest neck ever and is the greyest one of the bunch.

My friend Brittney did a formal portrait of him last year and he is much greyer by now, for sure. 

So, what I’m getting at is at that time, all the stuffies were relegated to the bedroom. Not all over the house with different stories happening in each room like they are now. 

So we had some conversations with Ginger before falling asleep. 

Ginger is very wealthy (or so she says) and has a huge interest in the arts. She’s always investing in plays, but only ones she’s written herself. Ginger is a very detailed writer who places a lot of importance on authenticity in conversation… So there’s a lot of dialogue. 

Like, sometimes the plays were upwards of 6+ hours. At least, that’s what the other Snoopys told us. They went to every single one of Ginger’s plays. They are supportive friends, you know?

Eventually, Ginger expanded into film and, much like her plays, her movies were very long, made little sense and had many extended, dialogue-heavy conversations.

She called them “dialogue-rich pieces of cinematic art.”

The other Snoopys soon tired of the endless parade of art and quickly started complaining about Ginger. And they were tired of watching (and starring in!) Ginger’s movies and plays, because that ate up a lot of their starfishin’ time.

See? She’s actually lived a really cool life, she is simply not great at communicating with people. 

During that time, I was in the height of (what I realize now was) autistic burnout and I used Ginger as a way to negative self talk myself. So, like, all the bad things the other Snoopys were “saying” about Ginger were the things my brain was telling me about myself.

I mean, obviously I didn’t have time to produce lengthy, dialogue-rich projects for the stage and screen. However, I was working on a lot of things that I was unsure about and had really no one to give me any direction or guidance, so that got me spinnin’ extra hard. 

But now I’m a little gentler with myself and so I’m also a little gentler with Ginger. 


Now she lives up in the rotunda with Karen Hausman and they just tell each other stories all day. 

I guess. I ain’t listenin’.

Also, Woodstock is there, because no one else likes him. 

Classic Woodstock, amirite?


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