Meet My Pool Crew!

Today will be short because I am working on a secret project today, but I wanted to introduce you to my pool crew. 

To be perfectly fair, I’d much rather be talking about the secret project, but we have partners and we all agreed on key dates to announce things.

Today is not that day. 

Sorry y’all. 

So, here, meet my pool crew!

Pool crew

(yes the links are affiliate links… Bezos shouldn’t be the ONLY one making money, y’all.)

  1. Knock off Cherry Coke Zero from Kroger. It’s the best replacement I’ve found so far and I keep meaning to do a formal review/comparison, but I just keep drinking it instead. 
  2. Sunglasses from the long wall of sunglasses hanging off the mirror in our hallway. 
  3. The dregs of a MMJ pen to help with the brain spinnies. 
  4. My waterproof kindle, where I am currently reading a book all about the Bachelor by Chad Kultgen & Lizzy Pace. I am not even a fan of the show, but it’s such a fun read, y’all. 
  5. My smol but powerful waterproof speaker, which will, more often than not be playing the soundtrack from either “The Leftovers”, “Search Party”, “Killing Eve” or “The Morning Show”. Yes, I have completely dropped it into the pool. Yes, it still works. 
  6. Larry the Pool Sloth. 
  7. My tappin’ hat. This hat is from the best dance number I ever took part in. It was my final adult tap class and we did an epic number to a mix of drums from the movie “Drumline”. There was even one part of silence and the taps on our shoes made up the tap beat. I miss tap dancing so much, y’all. 
  8. An orange in case I get the hongries. This could also be an apple or a banana or other fruit, depending on what comes in my produce box that week. 
  9. A back up book in case my Kindle dies. This book rotates, but it must be something I’ve read roughly a million times and can pick up on any page and know exactly what’s happening. Other books include literally anything else by Chad Kultgen, anything by Maeve Binchy, or “American Pyscho” or also anything by Marisha Pessl. And in conclusion, also the Uglies series. Any of the books from the Uglies series. I like reading and don’t want to be caught short okay?

So, those are my things. I also have a float, but I got depressed last year and didn’t take care of it. I did for a long time though. I’d deflate it and roll it up and then put it away until the next use. But then last year I got lonely and sad and just left in in the pool for days on end and it’s all ugly now. 

(it is an easily inflatable float. I just run around with it one time with the flap wide open, snap it shut and roll it closed. I love it).

Thank you for reading. That’s all. 


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