Meet My Yard: The Radishes?!

A few times a day I take what I like to call a walkaround. A walkaround is exactly as it sounds: a walk around the grounds of the Professor Haus.

When I say “grounds of the Professor Haus”, it makes it sound very grand, which I guess it is when I step back and think about. The house is 100+ years old and the grounds are three quarters of an acre (that normally takes three days to mow).

But I don’t think they are grand because they are not well manicured. In fact, the first year we moved here a neighbor “accidentally” sent a holiday postcard to the person who used to live here that said something like, “I miss your manicured lawn.” I stewed about that one for a while. But then I got sad for that person, because how sad that your life is so small that another person’s yard means *that* much to you.

We didn’t let it deter us, though. We instead started creating a native yard of our dreams. Except one of us can’t visualize and the other has ADHD. So we planted some things some places, but forgot where most of them were.

So, on my daily walkabout, one of my most frequent activities is taking photos of things to try to have some apps identify them. These can range from finding out we have lilies randomly growing all over the place or that we have cleavers growing all over the place, which were my nemesis this spring.

I hope they don’t come back. I don’t want to have to write a mean blog about them next year.

Oh, okay, so, one of the things I’ve taken pics of lately occurs in a few spots in the yard. The leaves are yellow-y green and kind of riffley and crunkly and ugly. I never got the same read on them twice so was really stumped by these random appearances.

Like this. Ugly, see? Then one day they were identified as brassica which set off a food bell in my brain, but not enough to go research it, so I promptly forgot it and got excited about the dill I forgot I planted there.

That’s how my brain works sometimes.

Then the other day, I was on my walkabout when I noticed something pink peeking beneath the shadow of the ugly leaves.

I felt like that was unmistakenly a radish, right? And my app confirmed it.

After Mickey gets done with his shower every day, I take him on a walkabout in the yard to show him new things that have popped up: elephant ears that have unfurled, poppies that have died, you know, normal things.

I couldn’t wait to get to this part of the yard. We harvested it immediately. And then started looking for those ugly yellow leaves in other places. Sometimes we even found pretty yellow flowers.

We brought our bounty inside and washed it off. There were bite marks on a few, but that’s to be expected.

There are a few creatures running around here, after all. Did I tell you I saw a mink the other day? Well, I did! Right on the banks of the river.

This was mid-wash, obv.

We put them in the fridge to chill. And then got excited about how many of these were in our yard.

I mean, like, y’all, there are A LOT.

So, if you have any radish recipes, please let me know. For our first one, I just wung it with things I had around the house.

It was like a mediterranean rice bowl thingie with green beans (we stan green beans in this house), tomatoes, garlic, feta, kalamata olives, feta, and green onions – also from the Professor Haus grounds. And then I topped my bowl with radishes.

It was so pretty I took it outside for a photoshoot.

And, look, I know I’m not the first person to have ever gardened. However, I lived in Florida from 1997 until two years ago and I could NOT GROW A DAMN THING. I tried. One summer I managed the tiniest of watermelons, but that was after trying to grow one million other things.

I love growing things up here and I can’t wait to see what comes up next.

One last thing – the reason why there is so many random radishes in our yard is this:

We want a clover yard, so we bought a bunch of random clover seed last year. Some of that clover seed is disguised as plantable deer feed that might have other stuff in it, like chicory and brassica.

We have found tons of chicory growing in the shady spots we planted this particular seed. That, however, is a story for another day.


  1. woozxyl

    That really looks like turnip roots and turnip greens. Radishes are usually redder than purple…

    • Jacki

      You sent me down a rabbit hole this morning! I can see where you’d think that, but these are MUCH smaller than any turnip than I’ve ever encountered. Plus, they have that spicy/bitter backend that I love so much from a radish. I believe these are classified as “wild radishes”.

      Plus – Turnips are a fall veggie and radishers are spring harvesters!

      I planed some radish seeds in my veggie garden and they are coming up nicely (in the last week or so). I will compare when they are ready to eat. =)

  2. woozxyl

    Yeah, turnips are spring here :) I hope you radii grow plentiful and tastily :)

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