My Current Dream Travel Destination is Bulgaria

Yes, Bulgaria. 

Walk with me here. 

First off, I have a couple questions:

Number one: do you enjoy horror movies?

Second Q: Have you seen the movie “Barbarian” yet? 

If the answer to both questions is “yes”, woohoo, please continue reading. 

If your answer to question 1 is “yes” and question 2 is “no”, then please scurry off and watch “Barbarian” As of this posting, it is airing on HBOMax or available for rent for $3.99. (if you go this route, please let me know your thoughts on the film. I enjoyed it muchly.)

If the answer to those two questions is no, just imagine a movie set in the less refurbished parts of Detroit. 

Cause that’s where the bulk of the movie takes place. 

This is the house from the movie? Kind of a creepy lookin’ Air BnB situation, ain’t it? 

Welp, the street it lives on is even creepier. 

You might be asking, Jacki, why would you want to visit an area that looks so creepy?!

Well, reader person, the reason is because I thought they actually filmed the movie in Detroit so I looked up the filming locations and the folks over at IMBD told me “Barbarian” was filmed in Bulgaria!!!!

Not the quick trip to visit a film location that I was anticipating. 

And it wasn’t like a picturesque thing to look at, so no need to make the trip, right?

Okay, but then during the holiday season I did something embarrassing and fell into a Hallmark Holiday Movie Hole. I watched so many of these schlocky, formulaic flicks that I started to figure out the formula…

And even better… a creative way to fuck with the formula for a future book (aka my next Big Idea).

One of these movies was filmed in a location that looks so much like the town I went to high school in that I was sure it was filmed there. So I looked up this cheesy movie (I am ashamed to tell you the title) and found out that it, too, was filmed in Bulgaria. 

But it looked so bright and shiny and completely different than the creepy darkness of “Barbarian”. 

So I googled Bulgaria to see what else I was in for. 

A vacation is what I am in for. 

Look at this architecture!

And this!

And then views like this!!!!!

And so then I decided to Google more than just pretty pictures and did some research on what the weather and cuisine is like.

First off, US Citizens do not need a Visa to travel to Bulgaria (unless you plan to fall in love and stay longer than 90 days). So that removes one obstacle for my brain. 

The Mediterranean weather in South Bulgaria makes it an easy choice for a summer trip. Or you can ski up north in the winter. We have options. 

The food looks right up my alley to the point that I want to find a Bulgarian restaurant locally to try some things. It has some similarities to Turkish cuisine, but I’m certain the nuances are different and delicious. 

I’ve been on a soup kick lately, so the dish I would like to taste most at this moment is Topcheta soup – a Bulgarian meatball soup thickened with egg yolks and yogurt. Unless they have their own version of blood soup, then that’s my choice. 

Another Jacki bonus: There are a mad amount of museums in Bulgaria… of all sorts. 

But here’s what shot Buglaria to the top of my list, the AirBnB options. Here is my current favorite:

That view only costs you (and another couple – it’s a two bedroom) $34 a night! TOTAL (not per person).

Here’s another one I’m loving:

This is the baller-style villa, obviously. Here is a quote from the description that just delights me:

“The villa “Sky Music” was built in 2008 on a magical spot between mountains and sea. “

It’s three beds and two baths (two poop rooms is one of my AirBnB requirements), a private pool, a private hot tub, indoor fireplace and so much more. 

And it’s only $129 a night. 

Who wants to go to Bulgaria with me?


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