My Glasses Stay Dirty During Transitional Times

I recognized this phenomenon at the beginning of the pandemic. 

And then I forgot about it for a long time, but I have been reminded of it again twice – once when ‘settling in’ to Hotel Lyfe and now again that we’re transitioned to The Professor Haus.

I cannot keep my glasses clean to save my life. I clean them and then five minutes later they are dirty. It’s a pain in the ass. And I’m not like touching them repeatedly or anything even!

They just keep getting greasy. 

Especially today. 

Today I begin the unpacking process.

With the kitchen of course, because my brain needs that room to look normal first. It is probably somehow tied into my need for keeping the kitchen clean for my mental health. That’s the first indicator of when I am heading into bad brain times, after all. 

I’m pretty proud of myself for thinking to use the many stuffies we have as packing material. Especially when it came to our many, many glasses and coffee mugs. 

That we totally pared down significantly before moving. But there were still so many!

Of course, my brain forgot that I did this, so there were squeals of delight to be heard each time I opened up a box to see this. 


It really makes unpacking the kitchen fun when I have good friends like Steve Schneider helping me (pictured below).


Basically I’m just coming back to this blog when I need a break from boxes and shuffling things around. 

I’m also working on some work projects and trying to successfully complete my first grocery order at The Professor Haus but it is taking a lot of effort. 

Here is what has happened:

I took my time leisurely ordering from Meijer via Instacart. I ordered leisurely, making sure I got all the things I wanted. 

They only had Cherry Coke Zero in bottles, so I settled for that. Then I got us some easy comfort food, because even if the kitchen is clean-ish, I realize my brain is not in a place to do any kind of serious cooking right now. 

So I got sammich stuff (turkey and swiss for me and salami and provolne for Mickey) and pizzas (for me) and veggie chicken (for him). 

Then I placed my order and was expecting that normal “Substitutions” screen that the shopper always seems to ignore to show up. 

It did not. 

Instead, I was greeted with a blank screen. 

So I tried to log in again.

And was greeted with a “Your Account Has Been Locked Due to Suspicious Activity.”


Then I went to my email where they also told me that my order has been cancelled. 

Double ugh. 

First I got frustrated and flustered and spent time breaking down some empty boxes.

Then I decided to order from Kroger. But I rushed it. 

And it was sad. 

I got all the sandwich supplies – except mayo and fancy brown mustard for Mickey. 


I had to order Diet Cherry Pepsi, because that was the only cherry diet option. 

Double fail. 

So now, I’m awaiting its arrival to the back door, because that’s where we take deliveries at the Professor Haus.


It arrived to the front door. 

And the pizza substitutions she brought me are not microwavable. 

And I don’t have pizza pans yet. 

I’ll be over here eating a dusty-ass sandwich. 


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