My Three Clients

I have three “regular” clients. One is older than me, one is my same generation, and one is younger. 

I’ve learned different things from each. 

The older client has taught me my value in bridging and communicating technology gaps to older generations. Particularly in social media. 

She also taught me this wonderful phrase that I use whenever I notice a friend falling into a negative-self-talk-hole: “Please stop being so mean to my friend.”

This phrase is works so well for me because the first time you hear it, it kind of throws you off kilter enough to stop being mean to yourself. It has also forced me to look at the way I treat myself comes off to other people. 

I used to treat myself badly or neglectfully, because I thought that treating other people infinitely better than yourself was what you were supposed to do. 

You know, because they matter and I don’t. 

*shakes head* Naw, y’all, that ain’t the way it’s supposed to be at all. 

The same generation client has shown me that you can 100% be successful and loved by simply being themselves. AND that you don’t have to kill yourself to live.  

They were also instrumental is showing me that *I* was enough professionally. They were a big game changer for my professional brain. 

And not-professionally, 

The younger client shows me every single day how to lead a company with grace and compassion. Honestly, I didn’t know this existed to this degree outside of my own dang brain, so it’s fuckin’ thrilling! 

She understands her employees are human and treats them with respect. 

All three of these folks lead with love, instead of fear.  And it’s a lesson I’m still trying to learn myself and share with y’all!


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