My Weirdest Google Search So Far this Week

Ok, buckle up, because this one’s gonna get a lil dirty. 

Oh, I guess I should warn you that sometimes this blog will be NSFW. 

Big surprise from someone who sells custom erotica, amirite?

I’ll trust that anyone easily offended has already left? Good, I’ll get started. 

So, I have a bit of a fetish. But it doesn’t really feel *cool* enough or even *kinky* enough to be a fetish. 

It’s just a thing that I like a whole lot. 

And it’s so simple, I am even embarrassed to admit it, but I will because I’m all about honesty these days. 

Here goes. 

Man wearing sweatpants looking at his phone

I like rubbin’ on clothed boners. It gets me going. I like grabbing a clothed boner, I like stroking a clothed boner, I like teasing a clothed boner, I like releasing a clothed boner.

How many times can I say “clothed boner” in one blog? Not enough, I say. 

It would actually make a decent band name, wouldn’t it? The Clothed Boners!! Maybe that’ll be my next Rock Band name. 

Mindlessly scrolling the Internet, I remembered that my fella promised me that if I bought him some grey sweatpants he’d wear ’em. 

So, last night found me Googling this:

“what sweatpants are best for rubbing a dick in”

The results were inconclusive. 

Guess I’ll just have to do the research myself. Damn. 


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